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Italian M33 helmet - war or postwar issue?

Article about: Hello everyone this is one of the relic helmets in my collection. I have bought it long ago from a seller in Turin (Italy). He told me that the helmet is ww2 issue although I am not convince

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    Ok. Definitely a post war helmet. The rivets are for sure the latest type used on M33's (so called 5th type). I checked also the code FM 60, and it is typical of the post war production, 60 being the year. Just the F code denotes a WW2 production, so it could be a leftover shell, refurbished or completed post war.
    I'm sorry... Maybe you could contact the seller for a refund.

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    Thank you very much for the info. Now I am sure that it is a post war lid although the idea of a refurbished shell is very interesting. I payed only 10 euros for it so I won't count it as a loss. It is still a nice add to my small relic collection but, of course, I will buy another M 33 from war period if I'll find the right opportunity. The F 11 mark is known? Is it possible to establish where were they made?
    Thank you

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    The F code is applied in many helmets of wartime production, but the factory is not known, because all the files regarding codes/manifacturer have been lost. Only the P code is (probably) related to the Pignone factory, which was destroyed during a bomb raid.

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    Also, the B code of wartime production is Bassano di Grapa and P code stands for Pignone.

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    [QUOTE=aghsmac1;1666180]Also, the B code of wartime production is Bassano di Grapa and P code stands for Pignone.


    (Bassano del Grappa)

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