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M33 Helmet and Cover Identification Help

Article about: So I was looking around a local antique shop today and this M33 helmet for sale caught my eye. The seller (who has a very good reputation for being legit) told me that it was an original fro

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    A few questions concerning Italian Helmets:
    1. Didn't the Italians use Helmet-Nets as well?
    2. Did the Germans use them too? - I ask because we know that they used Italian Camouflage Cloth...
    3. Are the Italian Nets as rare as the German Nets are?
    Many Thanks,
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    Hi Glenn; if you mean exactly nets, they were really scarce, if not almost totally absent during WW2: I've seen just a couple of pics, depicting Italian SS troops wearing M33's with net.
    About helmet camo covers, actually they were officially issued late in the war (around '43), but mainly to the paratroopers, and later ('44) to some other RSI units, so I would say that are even more scarce than German helmet covers.
    I don't know if Germans too made use of Italian camo helmet covers (personally never seen a pic), but since they largerly used the M29 camo canvass to produce jackets, ponchos, etc. (mainly in the sudfront, quite common near SS troops), I guess it is very possible.
    Below you can see an M43 helmet cover, worn by two Folgore's paratroopers: just figure out that for an original one the asking price here is over 1.000 ...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M33 Helmet and Cover Identification Help  

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    I think it is italian camo but salty . nice one

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