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M33 RSI Navy helmet

Article about: Hi here are a few pics of my M33. the shell is stamped to the rear M.R.M, and only just noticed while taking pictures outside in the sun that the chin strap has a little ink stamp with what

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    Thank you ziomanno for taking the time to reply.
    This is very interesting information that I can add to the description of this helmet for cataloguing purposes.
    I suppose it is difficult to tell when a repaint has been done, but at least I can say that this helmet probably was always in the navy use in one way or another.
    I can tell that the chin strap was removed for the re spray as there are no signs of paint on it plus the bales are painted. Perhaps this is why it seems to have strange nickel/stainless steel rivets. Maybe a renewed chin strap at the time of spraying, will never know for sure.
    You could be correct about a rank insignia being removed for whatever reason.

    Thanks very much again

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    Rod, you're right, the repaint on these helmet is often a real rebus...
    Take a look at this one: it comes from the same Navy depot of the two I posted above; shining paint and liner replaced using flat rivets without holes.
    But it does have the crown over the anchor, so that job would have been done during war time, or at least not after June 1946.

    M33 RSI Navy helmetM33 RSI Navy helmetM33 RSI Navy helmetM33 RSI Navy helmetM33 RSI Navy helmet

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    Looks like your helmet may have had a couple of repaints.
    One with the liner removed and another with it in place, its just that there looks to be paint on parts of the sweatband edge of the liner. You will be able to tell better in hand.
    Its interesting that you have shown me this helmet as I was looking at one earlier this week with the same kind of rivets and the liner joint seam at the wrong place. And couldn’t really understand why. But obviously it too has been removed for repainting as well.
    nice old Italian army marine/naval helmet m33 ww2 or earlier | eBay

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    Most likely it isn't an RSI helmet but an helmet of the age 30"-40" reused after the war. The anchor is not a stencil but it's a decal, this is the reason for which the only painted part is the top ring, where before there was the crown.

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    What's your reason for saying it probably not war time?

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    Take a look at this ebay shop:

    motovintage_it | eBay

    The seller describes all those helmets as "WWII M33". All the variation posted above are present...

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    Looks like collecting ww2 Italian helmets will be a a very varied and interesting route to go.

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