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Mussolini postcard

Article about: Mussolini postcard. Not in very good shape but still a collectible item

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    Default Mussolini postcard

    Mussolini postcard. Not in very good shape but still a collectible item

    Mussolini postcard Mussolini postcard

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    Hi JMM,
    it is not a simple postcard, but a postcard which accompanied the "Befana Fascista's gifts" of the 1934 year.
    It refers to an Italian national holiday called "Epifania" or "Befana", which recurs on January 6th, where gifts for children are traditionally handed over.
    The "Befana Fascista" began in 1928 and continued until the 1940s; and was a beneficial event organized by the Fascist Government on this occasion, which included distribution through Youth Organizations of gifts offered by Companies and benefactors, to children of poor families.
    Below is a link where you can see a similar postcard in the hands of a "Figlio della Lupa", on the occasion of gifts delivery in the 1938 year.
    Mussolini postcard

    The words on the back of the postcard translated into English should have this meaning:
    "This is your "Befana", children.
    Receiving the much desired gift remember a name only and you repeat it: Mussolini!"

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    Hi Roberto

    Thanks a lot for the information (and photo) provided

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