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Opinions on Italian M33

Article about: Hello, Annoyed from this ads?   What are your views on this helmet? Do you feel it is a period WWII example. The shell is stamped BB 38 and the liner has a hallmark. There are no marks

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    Quote by plumbob View Post
    I donít know guys. When you look at this video, to me the liner frame and liner are fitted after the helmet has been painted. I am thinking if there is paint on the top of the bracket that holds the ďDĒ loop. This could be a sign of a repaint at some point.

    Though how did they paint the inside and outside of the vent rivets that hold the liner chassis in position. Unless the outside was painted after the liner was fitted. And they touched up the inside of the rivet..
    I cant really work that one out.
    Any way enjoy if you havenít seen this before.
    Just looked at the video...LoL...funny in a way.

    Looks like Two coats of paint. One for the whole helmet (inside and out) and one at the end for the exterior or it could be just a clear coat. And can't tell if the liner is in the helmet for the 2nd paint job but you would assume yes if this is in correct chronological order.

    And another LoL...There appears to be a YouTube video for everything. Even making 75 year old Italian helmets.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Jody, for what I can see, you have a nice war time M 33. Correct liner, air vent rivets and chinstrap. BB is a WWII related production lot. Also the paint seems original to me. Congrats.

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