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Please help with my Pops uniform

Article about: Hi everyone. I have since looked into and solved all the history of my mum’s dad (Pop) (Aussie ) side. Now its time to suss out my Dads dad on the Italian side. For many years all i have kno

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    Default Please help with my Pops uniform

    Hi everyone. I have since looked into and solved all the history of my mum’s dad (Pop) (Aussie ) side.
    Now its time to suss out my Dads dad on the Italian side.
    For many years all i have known is that he was a POW in Siberia and the other thing that’s still talked about in his village in Sicily today even after he left there in the 1950's.
    Apparently the Germans came and took his Donkey and against all the wished of the village he went off on a journey to get it back. A week later he returned with it after taking it back from the Germans and was the Village hero.

    I actually didn’t know he was in the Italian Military until i just had this picture emailed to me of him.

    First Question is .... Can anyone here tell me more about the uniform

    2nd question.... how’s the best way to look up Italian ww2 solders details and history.

    This will be an interesting little project
    His Name was Sebastian Russo

    Click on the pic, pretty hi res...
    Please help with my Pops uniform

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    I've done some Internet research a while back when I picked up a few visors, caps and a pith helmet. I don't have the links with me but if some else does not come along let me know and I will dig them up tomorrow. These particular insignia should be a fairly simple one to solve.

    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Why did they send him to Gulag? After reading this, it doesnt seems like he was a fighter for the axis to the end
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

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    Not to sure Trondk, its pretty much hear say through the family about Siberia but the donkey story which is true. Makes me more intrested to find out the history. His Sons & daughters (My uncles and Aunts) are all here in Australia and the rest of the Family is still back in Sicily and dont speak english so it will be difficult finding more info but it makes me more determined.
    The Siberia story must of come from somewhere

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    I can faintly remember him telling me about marching massive distances in the snow near Russia.... Maybe involved in... Italian prisoners of war in the Soviet Union - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    As with most veterans he wouldnt speak about his service hence why i didnt really know he was in war

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    Anyone know what the 8 ball with the crossed cannons in the corner of the picture and on his hat mean?

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    Probably the regiments number....!?
    Here is a 17 th, marked, artillery uniform;
    World War Relics*
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Kris is correct it is the regimental numbers. If he was indeed a POW in the Soviet Union he is very lucky to have survived.

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    Thanks guys, i just spoke to a family member and they remember him saying the marching throughsnow for hundreds of kilometers and he said he couldnt fall behind. So many died around him but he couldnt stop to help. He was really upset while describing it at the time. Sounds very much like the march to pow camp. Still far from finding his numbers etc to suss it out more

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    8th Artillery Regiment Pasubio..Your picture says it was taken in Verona in the bottom corner, well the "9th Motorized Division Pasubio was a binary-type (2-regiments) Motorised Infantry[nb 1] Division of the Italian Army during World War II. The division was formed as infantry division in 1934, reorganized into Motorized Infantry division in 1939 and mobilized in August 1940. Its 79th Infantry Regiment and 8th Artillery Regiment were made up of men from Verona, while the ranks of the 80th Regiment were filled with men from Mantua. Its 1st Sabauda CCNN Battalion was made up of volunteers from Turin."
    8th Artillery Regiment were made up of men from Verona is the important part! And guess where they served, Russia

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