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Unknown medal

Article about: Does anyone know what this medal is? Looks like a fantasy piece to me? Johnny R.

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    Default Unknown medal

    Does anyone know what this medal is? Looks like a fantasy piece to me?Unknown medal

    Johnny R.

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    Italian fascist medal.

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    Thanks Harryamb2,

    Funny this one slipped my mind. Anyway I notice that it was for sale on ebay a few days ago, and could not remember ever seeing one like this. Sort of a neat design I think.

    Johnny R.

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    This is the Adriti Cross. They were an elite unit in both world wars. This example is most likely a collectors copy. The original variants are rare.

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    "Croce degli Arditi"- Italia Militaria

    It's not a fascist medal. The 'Arditi' was a group founded in 1919, the medal was made in 20's to remember the great war 1914-18.
    Arditi inspired the fascism for simbol and culture. The "gladio" after 8 september 1943 took the place of stars, for the treitment of monarchy

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