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1000 Photographs to be identified

Article about: Hello, I am in the posession of 5 photograph albums with close to a 1000 photographs. I will post them here one at a time. Translation or Identification would help me a lot. So we begin.

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    Quote by ghp95134 View Post
    Perhaps Taka-san or Nick-san can do justice to this poem/song called "Hoshi Mikuni" [Star Kingdom]


    (一) 御国のもの-ふは

    (二) 星御国の男子等は
    国と とを

    Hi Guy-san,

    Thank you for the translations. It's a song: (Japanese Reference site) ‚·‚ß‚ç‚Ý‚*‚É

    Just need few corrections on Kanji:

    星御国 ---> 皇御国 (Sumera Mikuni) Imperial Japan or Dai Nippon Tei-Koku

    如伺 ---> 如何 (Ikanaru) Whatever

    兄身---> 只身 (Tadami) In ones

    國と氏 ---> 國と民 (Kuni to Min) Country and Nation/People


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    This is Great I wish I could translate for you!!! You don't see this kind of stuff that often, Very good. Nice stuff.

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    Thank you so much for the corrections! I really appreciate your help.



    Song here

    一) 皇御国のものゝふは

    (二) 皇御国の男子等は
    国と民 とを


    作詞 [lyrics] 加藤 司書外 [Kato Shishougai [shishougai means external librarian; dunno if this is his name or title]
    作曲 [composition] 伊沢 修二 [Izawa Shuuji]

    1 すめらみくにの ものゝふは
    いかなる事をか つとむべき
    たゞ身に持てる まごゝろを
      ■ 君と親とに つくすまで

    2 皇御国の をのこらは
    たわまずをれぬ こゝろもて
    世のなりはひを つとめなし
      ■くにと民とを とますべし


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    Quote by SteveR View Post
    Post 12 #3 is a bunch of civilians checking to see if their shoe laces are tied.
    #2 looks like the type submarine developed to launch a plane. I believe the Japanese developed these with the idea of bombing the Panama canal. Just recently 2 of them have been found off of Hawaii where the US Navy scuttled them after the surrender. I am pretty sure they were bigger than this model. Interesting.
    Are there any pictures of naked girls in the album ?
    Naked girls? heh
    Click image for larger version. 

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    there are also paper clippings. Also some really old photos with captions.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	26.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

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