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Another Type 98 sword!

Article about: The local gun show was in town this weekend. I went saturday morning and did not find anything. I desided to go back today to see if anything had changed. Everything thing looked about the s

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    That's a sweet sword! I'd love something like that!

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    Thanks for the kind words Good Pwny. I was blessed to be able to find it, I was just in the right Place at the right time. Cheers, Robert

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    Hi Robert,
    A Shinsa team will need to see your sword in hand to appraise it.They usually hold one or two every year in the States.Cost wise its about $200-$300, half is paid to submit the bare blade and the other half is paid only if the sword passes.It is definatly worth it for this sword and would increase its value alot and give you an insurance value too.
    This is of course IF it passes, the bigger the name the more chance of it geing gimei(false signature).
    Cheers Simon

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    Hello Robert,

    As Simon points out Shinsa will be required to confirm the authenticity and value of the sword. Coincidentally my first very expensive lesson in this hobby was with a gimei Tsunatoshi. His mei, and that of his brother, are two of the most often added to otherwise run of the mill swords to enhance their value. I'm not suggesting that is the case with yours, just letting you know.


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    Thanks Simon for all your help, as I will look into when the Sinsa will be in the mid south states. Do you know of anyone that has done this? As I would love to have it done but would not want the sword to leave my sight when they are evatuating it for fear of it being exchanged with another blade. Thanks, Robert

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    Thanks Stu, I believe it is more than likely authentic as the kid I got it from did not even know to look under the handle for the kanji. I live in a small town and his grandfather the vet that brought it back is now deceased but was an elder in the same college fraternity as my father, dad said he knew him as a combat vet and if he were still alive he would be in his late 80s. I only had to pay $600 for the sword becasue right as he walked in the gun show a dealer offered $500 if the dealer had not done that I bet it could of been bought for less as he had no idea of value. I am not saying that there is no chance of the kanji being fake, as I have seen stranger things happen. Just saying I think its very unlikely. Appreciate you telling me that and I value your opinion, I still have a lot to learn as young collector. Thanks, Robert

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    Quote by TNcollector View Post
    Can the Shinsa judge the sword from photos or must they have the sword in hand? Also do you know a ball park figure of the cost? As I plan on keeping this sword in my collection forever and wonder if it be worth paying to have done if i have no intention ever of getting rid of it. Thanks, Robert
    Hi Robert , it is so refreshing to listen to a young man who is thrilled to own a wonderful piece of history and not about it's resale value ! It looks to have been well looked after in the past and i am sure you are well aware that the blade requires maintenance to keep it from deteriation over time . These swords are iconic momentos from WW2 and congratulations on your aquisition , i know you will treasure it .

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    Thanks Alan, I sure will treasure it! I had been wanting a sword in type 98 mounts for awhile and all of a sudden find two swords for good prices way below market value about two weeks apart, it crazy how that works! My gradfather is a WWII navy vet that fought in the pacific, he is the one that got me started collecting he gave me a type 38 arisaka w/bayonet he brought back and japanese army flag. I just put a light coat of oil on the blade, to stop rust and remove finger prints. Thanks, Robert

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    Hello Robert-
    Sorry for the delay in responding. The entire signature reads "Todai Joka Kato Tsunatoshi Zo." The wood tag has the name and address of the owner "Furusawa Takaichi" and "Kanagawa Prefecture, Katasemura Ichinose 2619." There were two generations of the Tsunatoshi line. The secondgenerations work ceased with the Hattori, which prohibited the making of swords under the Meiji Government. There is much more than just the signature in evaluating a Japanese sword for authenticity. The manner in which the tang is filed, the material used to make the sword, the forging and tempering technique are all part of the overall judgement. Foreigners like shinsa in their own country. The shortfall is the team is jet lagged and not always top people offering the opinion. The most reliable method for shinsa is to send the blade through an agent for shinsa in Japan. If you need assistance in this, I will be able to help you. The process is very safe and the individual I have dealt with personally carries the swords from his home base to Japan and takes them through the registration process. I once bought a master fake based upon signature opinion from two different experts in Japan. Upon sending the piece to Japan, both apologized as the signature was perfect, the blade was made out of old steel and not only fooled me but both of the experts. A very fine fake made in the stye of a well known 16th century smith but actually made in the 19th century by a master-possibly after the Hattori as swords were not supposed to be made but could still be sold.


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    Thanks for all the information and help Mr.Coleman. I may later take you up on your offer of help in sending the sword to Shinsa in Japan for evaluation. I will have to give it some thought as I am almost afraid to put the sword in the mail. I am thinking of going to the upcoming SOS and if you plan on going I would love to meet you, show you the sword and get your thoughts on it after you look at it in hand. Thanks, Robert

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