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An Appraisal on Some Japanese Swords Please Sword Number 2

Article about: Hi Guys, Further to the instructions given, please find some new pics of Sword 2. Please note, No flash, Tip up x 2 and Tip down x 2. Hope I've got it right this time!!! LOL Cheers Michael R

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    Sorry Guy I work mids and was a little tired . Gary

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    [QUOTE=ghp95134;1116696] ...

    The "Type 98" did not appear until after 1939, so this must be a 新軍刀 Shin-gunto "Type 94" gunto (1934); ... right?


    Hello Guy,

    If memory serves me the change over was made in 1938, not 1939, and once the removable second ashi has been taken off the Type 94 scabbard there is really no difference between that and the Type 98 scabbard. Given the date of the blade it could well have started life in a Type 94 setting.


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    Quote by Michael Ryan View Post
    ... as an arsenal weapon, it is of military issue and probably of inferior quality?? ...

    Arsenal stampings on a nakago (tang) usually indicate a blade made primarily by machine with some hand finishing. Usually in a mass production facility. I hasten to add there are some exceptions. Star stamped and Minatogawa being two.

    have a look at this link for more information on that topic.



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    Hi Stu, Thank you for giving me/us the benefit of your knowledge and the link. In my ignorance, I thought that a Japanese sword was a Japanese sword full stop. I did not realise that there were so many variations, types and specific periods etc. I was aware that early warrior type Samuri swords were very valuable and rare but i thought that WWII military swords were, like most German swords, just an item that you bought from a supplier of a style and quality that was within your price range. These threads are certainly a learning curve for me and I am gratefull for all the contributions to them.
    Cheers Michael R

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