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An Appraisal on Some Japanese Swords Please Sword Number 3

Article about: Hi All, This is Number 3 Sword. At the risk of being boring, I have simply copied the original request and detail from the first thread in order to keep it simple (for me). This sword is ver

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    Hi, As requested, some additional photos of Sword 3. I too am disapointed with the quality of its components but having seen some of the Chinese crap on the market it just does not look the same?? I do not know!!! Over to you please.
    Cheers MR

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	P1090066.jpg 
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Name:	P1090065.jpg 
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Name:	P1090060.jpg 
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Name:	P1090056.jpg 
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Name:	P1090059.jpg 
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Name:	P1090067.jpg 
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    Unlike most militaria, Japanese swords can be very difficult to appraise soley from pictures. If you have had this piece for that long period of time, it is not a chinese copy. It is the first time I have seen a military habaki with an assembly number. There is always something new to learn.


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    Hi Michael , it is an interesting sword which shows aging . Obviously the fittings do not conform in quality and detail to regular gunto fittings of a Japanese arsenal and the Katakana on the nakago is unusual , but i believe it could have been manufactured at an arsenal in one of the Japanese occupied territories , mid to late period .

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    Hi Bob, After I posted my last reply, I did some sums in my mind and came to the conclusion that the Chinese option was most unlikely. Having said that, did anyone else copy these swords? I totally agree with you with regard to the poor quality but the general wear and tear look good to me. All the elements are numbered which I would take to be manufacturer's assembly numbers and unless the reproducer has been turning them out on an industrial scale why do the extra work especially if it is not something common to original Japanese military swords? Whilst I have no idea what the "Japanese" characters represent, I would suggest that the manufacture of the stamps themselves would be prohibitive? Would the value of the sword cover the costs inherent in the manufacture of the parts and atamps etc? I do not know but I have my doubts particularly if it was a "One off". An easy possibility could be late war production using inferior metals and components?? I know that towards the end of the war, the Japanese were hooverig up any metals they could find to such an extent that they even nicked the iron bed frames from the British bases in Singapore!! Once again Bob, over to you. I am at a loss!!

    Thank you once again for your time, trouble knowledge. Michael R

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    Hi Again Alan, The wear and tear are, to me, the only saving grace for this sword. A poor quality example but perhaps original??? This sword has certainly got me thinking!! None Japanese manufacture? Yes, why not. The fact of the matter is that I am cluless!!!
    Cheers Michael and thank you once again for your input on this subject. I'll detail a "real" Japanese sword next!! LOL

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    Default From Java

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1090064.jpg 
Views:	49 
Size:	279.1 KB 
ID:	647054

    ジャワ 刀
    Jawa Tou
    Java Sword


    Japanese Wiki スマラン, Sumaran

    English Wiki Semarang

    Quote by Wiki
    ...The Japanese military occupied the city, along with the rest of Java, in 1942, during the Pacific War of World War II. During that time, Semarang was headed by a military governor called a Shiko, and two vice governors known as Fuku Shiko. One of the vice governors was appointed from Japan, and the other was chosen from the local population....

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    I found these images posted by "feldgrau33" here. I'm copying some of the images here.

    Swords used by PETA Indonesian volunteers during the Japanese occupation:


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    Hi Guy, Thank you for your latest message and the invaluable information re the Japanese characters. You have effectively confirmed what Alan suggested re inferior manufacture in an occupied zone. I followed your first link but it was all double Dutch to me. However, the second link made a bit more sense to me LOL!!!!! Now, the 64K question!!!! Da Da DA Daaaaaaaaa In your opinion, is the sword real????????????????????????????

    Thank you once again for your time, trouble and of course, knowledge. Michael R

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    A general comment!!! This Forum is bloody brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Michael Ryan

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    Hi Guy, As a Yankie Air Force Top Shirt at RAF Fylingdales once said to me. "Hay man you do good work!!!". And you do!!!
    Thank you Michael

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