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An Appraisal on Some Japanese Swords Please Sword Number 3

Article about: Hi All, This is Number 3 Sword. At the risk of being boring, I have simply copied the original request and detail from the first thread in order to keep it simple (for me). This sword is ver

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    Hi Kiipu, Many thanks for your message and apologies for my very delayed response. It is a long time since I last visited the forum and only read your message about half an hour ago. I do have a few swords but unfortunately, my interest in is in German swords so my knowledge is somewhat poor in fact very poor. I am of the opinion that the sword is what it appears to be and that is a period copy made by and for the use of Javanese collaborators. I also believe it to have been manufactured during the Japanese occupation of Java and that is not a reproduction produced to fool anyone. However, that said,I would be interested in your opinion(s) be they favorable or otherwise.

    A gentleman tried to trade it from me last year which I think is a good sign but alas I have no idea of rarity or of its retail value. Again, your opinion would be appreciated.

    Wit thanks, regards and best wishes Michael

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    I agree with your opinion except I believe the sword was intended for use by Japanese Army personnel. I base this upon the fittings which conform to a Type 98. Starting in 1944, the Japanese began ordnance production on Java because of the shipping situation.

    Several swords of this pattern have shown up in the UK over the years. It was the British that landed troops in the region when the war ended.

    Thanks for sharing your sword with the rest of us. It is by far the best marked example of the 5 or 6 that are out there. And thanks to Guy for providing the translation of the katakana characters on the nakago.

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