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aquired/inherited type 95- questions

Article about: A friends father collected 'stuff'. He gave me a sword. No saya. lots of reading/research. looks to me its an early type 95. but only a 4 digit # !!! ,(read edge down). 9mm thk tsuba. Fuchi

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    -"Do you know any more about the friends dad who collected 'stuff' and where he may have got it from?"
    My friend Milt & I made multiple trips working on site in Japan at Honda R&D as a guest engineer in the late 90's. Which is where I got my interest in Nihonto. Milt & father were avid gun shooters & collectors. I never got to see his collection & when He passed, it was Milts job to sell off the collection. Milt was out of state for years so we only talked & He came to visit last year & gave me the T-95. He had no idea where or when it was acquired. It was the last of the hoard sorry to say. So......
    -"I now think that all the parts are original to the blade, the wooden liner is marked with what looks like the serial number of the blade."
    You are absolutely correct !! I should of caught was late....
    & your 'new theory' sounds legit ! =broken barrel nut - pivot - wear. the barrel nut is very rusty so yes !
    here are pics requested but I see no other stamps. & where can I get a replacement barrel nut?
    also a pic of stop inside habaki.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture aquired/inherited type 95- questions   aquired/inherited type 95- questions  

    aquired/inherited type 95- questions   aquired/inherited type 95- questions  

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    Damn pics flipped- so stand on your head ! you can also see behind the top-notch, the surface on the tang is not flat making the habaki tilt. So I file the tang (bad) or add a spacer along with a spacer inside habaki ?

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    Bill, i wouldn't file the blade.
    Firstly check if the collar has been put on the blade 'backwards', that is in 'reverse'.
    (i know... sounds stupid, but it is possible)
    Brass is softer than steel, and used as bushes etc because of this fact. It will 'wear' first before the steel.
    With this line of thought in mind, i would expect the problem to be in the habiki, not the blade.
    If it's not on in reverse, i would go with spacers.

    As far as getting a replacement barrel nut, i have seen a fellow on line who sell bits and pieces he makes as replacements, but i cannot find the link at the moment.
    I used to have access to a lathe and made up some replacement screws for the middle of the handle, as i came across a few swords that had part or all of it missing. I suggest you take the broken bits to a machine shop and see if the machinist can make one up for you, if he does it in his own time, it might cost you a case of beer at best!

    Here's the middle screw i made up, along with an original i used to copy from...
    aquired/inherited type 95- questionsaquired/inherited type 95- questionsaquired/inherited type 95- questions

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    wow 300+ views and no other comments !
    Thanks for all your assistance Ern ! & nice middle screw! The Habaki is on correct as it will only go on one way because of the stop built in but that is not long enough to contact lower notch so it tilts the habaki. & I'm scrounging around to find/make a replacement rear barrel connector. I may try to drill out & tap. I'll let you know what I come up with.

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