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Arisaka Rifle - Type 99

Article about: My dad stopped by this past summer and learned about my WW2 collecting. I'd not shown him anything from my collection, just talked about it. This time, he got to see most of it. This year fo

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    I didn't see but one other with the mark on it (not close enough photo to match the symbol though), so if they're just inspecting every so many, that would also make sense as to why that is. The irregularity of the mark before the series number was one of the puzzling aspects of it.

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    Because it was stamped on after the rifle was finished. Probably by hand. On the Nambu pistols, the inspection stamps are often lightly struck.
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    Very nice complete rifle. Mono-pod , Aircraft sight wings and Mum in tact.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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