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Authentic Japanese Sword?

Article about: Hello I would really like some insight on to weather this Japanese sword is authentic or not. I believe this type of sword is called a wakizashi. It appears to be old and well made. If this

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    Quote by Scout View Post
    Although not a valuable blade to begin with (judging from the comments of those in-the-know), its too bad what happened to it.
    Bobs post reads like a clinical how-to on how one ruins a sword. Again, nothing to cry about, but still too bad.

    On the other hand: The many centuries old hereditary swords which were in some instances given to the soldiers who went to war and which were subsequently lost or 'abused' in the hands of the captors (who of course didnt know better) does hardly bear thinking.
    Quote by BOB COLEMAN View Post
    That is a pretty big build up that i have to live up to. I have seen sword treated far worse than the one that started this thread. Back in the 70's, I received a call from a fellow who had gotten two Japanese swords from his neighbor for free. He wanted to turn them in to cash. I went to his house. One was a standard army parade saber which at the time sold for about $15.00. The other was in IJA military mounts. From the curvature in the scabbard, I knew it held a very old blade. On the pommel, was the family crest of the Tokugawa family! The Tokugawa were the shogun that ruled Japan for over 350 years. When I drew the blade in great excitement, I discovered that someone had been beating it likely against a steel blade. It had over 40 deep gashes through the temper line causing cracks in the steel. It was a testiment to the swordmaker that the blade had not snapped. Removing the handle, I found a signed and dated Bizen blade by a famous sword maker of the late 13th century. Only the tang was of value as a signature reference. The blade had been ruined. I bought it for $10.00 and sent it to the sword museum in Tokyo for a reference piece.
    What a shame that it was ruined, but a nice gesture to send it to the museum in Tokyo.

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    Does anyone know a possible value of this sword?

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    The blade is worthless due to the damage. The handle and tsuba are very poor quality and have a small value to them.


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