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Beautiful Japanese flag

Article about: You will need to store it in archival type materials. It is correct that over time a regular cardboard tube may cause premature aging to your flag. Roll it in acid free paper. If you're goin

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    Default Beautiful Japanese flag

    Howdy partners!
    Just got this flag for a smokin' deal(I think) of $45 and just wanted to see what you guys think of it. I put a Type 90 helmet and a bayonet for comparison of size. It is very soft(made of silk right?)
    Now, I've seen these a couple of these flags around in antique stores and flea markets sometimes but they're always wantin' crazy money for them... I went to an antique place last week, the guy said he'd take $350 for a plain flag! It might have been half the size of this one too...
    Translations would be great if anyone is fluent!
    Beautiful Japanese flagBeautiful Japanese flagBeautiful Japanese flag
    Beautiful Japanese flagHappy face?
    Beautiful Japanese flagBeautiful Japanese flag

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    Default Re: Beautiful Japanese flag

    Great score on this one.........!


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    Default Re: Beautiful Japanese flag

    Upper right corner .....
    海軍中将 和波 豊一
    Kaigun Chuusho Wanami Hoichi
    Navy Vice Admiral Wanami Hoichi

    Dunno ..... is it really him? Was involved in the Reiki [spiritual power] movement after the war -- the 5th school leader.
    和波豊一Wanami Hoichi(兵32大15三重).中将.





    As a Captain in 1927, he was the skipper of the HIJMS Jingei:

    15 November 1927:
    Captain (later Vice Admiral) Wanami Hoichi (32nd) (former CO of SubDiv 6) assumes command.

    photo source.

    I cannot read his writing.... something about 9 devils [九鬼].

    here was also Hoichi Wanami, who was a vice Admiral and went on to be 5th President of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai but I think it could have been Taketomi who initiated him into Reiki rather than Usui sensei.
    Hoichi Wanami (1883 - 1975), Vice Admiral (5th President of Gakkai) He was very quiet and always wore a smile of kindness. Very sociable, he made Reiki known in multiple locations. When he was older, he asked Koyama sensei, then the sixth president of the organization if he could continue to practice treatments. He had studied everything related to health, in particular, ways for seniors to stay healthy, and had lectured on various subjects. He was so strong and healthy he was still climbing Mount Fuji 90 years. From the mid-1950s until the mid-1960s, he visited all the centres of the Gakkai in order to train members.

    Hope it's an authentic signature. His calligraphy is good! and would be easy to identify if an exemplar could be found.


    edit: doggone pop-up add at the top is obliterating what I wrote (at least on my screen)-- try again:
    海軍中将 和波 豊一

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    Default Re: Beautiful Japanese flag

    Wow, I didn't know it also had all this other stuff going for it! very interesting! thank you very much!!

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    Default Re: Beautiful Japanese flag

    Bottom right, middle:


    Kaito Youzou

    海東要造 かいとう-ようぞう

    1887-1953 大正-昭和時代の実業家。
    明治20年5月4日生まれ。九州電灯鉄道に入社。同社の後身東邦電力の専務,副社長などを歴任。のち日本曹 達(ソーダ)社長,東亜合成化学工業会長。昭和26年電力再編成の際には,松永安左エ門を補佐して9社設立 案作成に協力。同年中部電力会長。昭和28年9月20日死去。66歳。茨城県出身。慶大卒。
    Kaito Yozo

    Businessman Showa era - 1887-1953 Taisho.
    Born May 4 1887. He joined Kyushu electric light rail. Served as executive director of reincarnation Toho power of the company, and Vice President. Nippon Soda (soda) president, Toa Gosei Chemical Industry president later. In the case of the '26 Showa electricity restructuring, and cooperation in nine established a draft to assist the weaker left Matsunaga et gate. Chubu Electric Power Co. chairman the same year. Died September 20, 1953. 66-year-old. Ibaraki Prefecture. Kei college.
    I wonder ..... perhaps this flag was signed AFTER the war, but by members of Reiki?


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    Default Re: Beautiful Japanese flag

    Next to that, in bolder ink:


    Saeki Isamu

    佐伯 勇(さえき いさむ、1903年〈明治36年〉3月25日 - 1989年〈平成元年〉10月5日)は実業家。近畿日本鉄道(近鉄)の元社長、会長、名誉会長で、近鉄グル ープの総帥。プロ野球・近鉄バファローズのオーナーでもあった。世界で初めての2階建車両による特急車のビ スタカーの生みの親でもある。
    愛媛県周桑郡丹原町(現・西条市)で、佐伯源三郎の三男として生まれる。丹原小学校、松山中学(現・愛媛県 立松山東高等学校)と進むが、父親の方針で京都一中(現・京都府立洛北高等学校)へ転校、さらに三高を経て 東京帝国大学法学部を卒業した。

    1927年4月に近畿日本鉄道の前身、大阪電気軌道(大軌)に入社。この時、社長の金森又一郎は帝大卒とい う高学歴を見て、かつて同じような学歴で入社したがすぐ辞めてしまった者がいた事から入社を渋り、部下の説 得で何とか納得する事が出来たといわれる。入社当初は近鉄ラグビー部(現在の近鉄ライナーズ)の初の練習に も参加している。

    Isamu Saeki (March 25th 1903 <1903> 1989 - <first year of Heisei> October 5) Businessman. Former president of Kinki Nippon Railway (Kintetsu), Chairman, Honorary Chairman, leader of Kintetsu group. He was also the owner of professional baseball Kintetsu Buffaloes. He was also the creator of vista car of the express car with bi-level car for the first time in the world.

    Born in Ehime Prefecture Shuso Tanbara county town (now Saijo), was the third son of Saeki Genzaburo. Proceed Tanbara elementary school, and Matsuyama junior high school (now Ehime Prefectural Matsuyamahigashi high school), but changing schools (now Kyoto Prefectural Rakuhoku high school) Kyoto one in the policy of his father, graduated from Tokyo Imperial University Faculty of Law through the three highs further was.

    He joined the predecessor of the Kinki Nippon Railway Co., Ltd., Osaka Electric Tramway (Large trajectory) in April 1927. At this time, the president, Kanamori Mataichiro looked to higher education at Imperial College, but was reluctant to hire from the fact that there was a person who had quit immediately, satisfactory to somehow persuade people it is said to have. He also joined and participated in the inaugural practice of the Kintetsu Rugby Club (currently Kintetsu Rainazu [Kintetsu Lions])

    ALL (so far) are famous people ..... either you made a great bargain or..... not. IF ONLY SOMEONE can find a calligraphy sample of Adm. Waname.


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    Default Re: Beautiful Japanese flag

    Beautiful condition flag and for an absurdly cheap price! A Wonderful find and pick up!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: Beautiful Japanese flag

    How should I store this flag in the mean time, should I just fold it up, as it was sent to me? I was thinking of getting it framed but I'm not too sure what to do right now.
    The Ebay seller just put in the description "US Navy Sailor brought home as a memento" I think i might ask if they know any more info on it.

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    Default Re: Beautiful Japanese flag

    I roll mine up and put them in a cardboard tube, if you are not going to display it..........


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    Default Re: Beautiful Japanese flag

    I'd love to display it and plus doesn't cardboard have acids that may or may not stain the flag? I learned this from Antiques road shows when the curator tells the owner that if paintings are kept long term in cardboard backed frames, they're damaged by the acidic cardboard/paper?

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