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Beware- ebay 1945 Type 95 sword

Article about: Was browsing the web and found something interesting, so i thought i'd alert everyone here to beware and keep clear of this one. Someone is going to get caught with what i consider to be a f

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    But now, the buyer is informed about a “Possibly Customized Sheath“
    Last edited by ziomanno; 01-19-2020 at 12:38 PM.

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    Did you just start reading from the middle of this thread? Becuase I honestly cannot see how anyone reading it from the beginning could take such a stand. This frankenstein gunto is being sold fraudulently as a scarce, late-war wooden-handled Type 95. That is just fraud.

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    No Bruce, I readed from the beginning; just to say that now he's trying to protect himself from future dispute, just in case... (a failed attempt to be ironic )

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    Sorry Z! I like sarcasm and humor. Hard to do it on in text form - no vocal inflection or facial expressions!

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