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Buddhist Samurai sword?

Article about: Cool. Thanks y'all.

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    Cool. Thanks y'all.

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    Listen to what Bob Coleman said.Deal only with people who are reputable if you prehaps want to buy a real piece from pre-1945.The science of True Samurai swords is a painstaking and very complex study and as Bob has the credentials to advise and this goes for myself and others post the swords on this forum and if possible and carefully break them down to show the tang,etc.Also never use any household oils on these beautiful blades as the results can be bad! IMO.Carl

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    By the way the sword is worth whatever the price of scrap steel on the daily market.

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    I think the sword has likely been artificially 'aged' intentionally, so it will look
    old, corroded and rusted in certain areas.

    Even as a repro decorator item - if you clean it, you will remove
    surface defects that are supposed to be there..........


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    100% fake , no doubt.

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