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Can anyone help me ID this Katana

Article about: I'm sorry I don't have more information it was a gift from a friend's friend. I promise I'm not the one who let it get into the shape its in.

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    Cool sword to bad it was rode hard and put away wet . Gary

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    Yea, at some point it was owned by someone who didn't care about swords or history. At least it wont be treated that way any more.

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    贈 西部軍管區司令官 and 昭和十八: Presented (to) Western District Army District Commander (and date): Showa 18 (1943)can't make out the remainder of the date. I am assuming the other side of the tang has the information on the smith, but I do not know for sure.


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    Oshima Kuni Jūnin Yasutsugu Kintan Kore
    Respectfully forged by Oshima Prefecture resident Yasutsugu
    [Oshima is on the bottom portion of Hokkaido. The Hokkaido Yasutsugu was 吉見泰次 Yoshimi Yasutsugu]

    Shōwa Jūhachi-nen Shimotsuki Nichi
    A day in November 1943

    贈 西部軍管區司令官

    Oku: Seibu Gunkan-ku Shireikan
    Presented to the Western Army Sector Commander

    If I did my search corrrectly ..... the commander at that time was:
    General Keisuke Fujie 10 April 1941 22 March 1944
    Keisuke Fujie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Japanese wiki gives the commanders as:


    Kamimura 上村清太郎 中将:1940年(昭和15年)8月1日 -
    Fujie 藤江恵輔 中将:1941年(昭和16年)4月10日 -
    Shimomura 下村定 中将:1944年(昭和19年)3月22日 -
    Yokoyama 横山勇 中将:1944年(昭和19年)11月22日 - 1945年(昭和20年)2月1日


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