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Cast Aluminum Civil Defense Helmet

Article about: I'm not really sure how it started but I have a fondness for Japanese Civil Defense helmets.Perhaps it is the many variations there are.One variation is a cast aluminum version.Most Civil De

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    尋 for 尋常小学校 (elementary school)

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    Thank you both for the help with translation.I see many of these different emblems for schools and factories on Civil Defense helmets.Some appear to be period installed, others added just to dress the item up.My question is was there any protocol instituted by the government to assist the civilian organizations (Schools,Factory's etc.) in the procurement of helmets for use in the civilian sector,or was it just a free for all to get these helmets from any source you wanted to if you felt like having one? say for example "The owner wishes everyone to wear one while at work?"I have an example of a German Luftschutz helmet with a decal that states the highest price that can be paid for the helmet when purchased and was wondering if Civil Defense helmets were regulated in the same way in Japan? Regards,Geoff

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    In the wake of the National Mobilization Law I referred to in the medals article, the government imposed a price freeze on certain items as of 18th Sept. 1939 by introducing the Price Control Law. By 1942 12,000 items came under this regulation and had paper tags marked with a circle with Kanji inside denoting the control grade of the item. Civil defense items likely came under this control as well.

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    Quote by nick komiya View Post
    尋 for 尋常小学校 (elementary school)

    That is Jinjō Shōgakkō [common elementary school]
    Japanese wiki.
    Quote by wiki-trans

    April 10, 1886 - Elementary School Ordinance (1st) is promulgated by the Minister of Education Arinori Mori.
    Common elementary school: a term of study of four years and the two-step higher elementary school.
    Common Elementary School term of study is the compulsory education period.

    October 7, 1890 - Elementary School Ordinance (2nd) is promulgated; the term of study for primary school age is three years or four years.

    August 20, 1900 - Elementary School Ordinance (3rd) is promulgated; unified term of study to four years.

    There also were encouraged by the elementary school age, nationally and collocated High School (2 years), the school that becomes the extraordinary higher elementary school increases (in order to extend to six years in the future compulsory education period).

    March 21, 1907 - extended by the partial revision of elementary school age, under the Sawayanagi Masataro Education, Culture, Sports, Under Secretary, the term of study is six years.
    A higher elementary school of the old one-two years common elementary school five-six years, the higher elementary school of the old 3-four years was higher elementary school of the new 1 and 2 years.

    April 1, 1941 - by the national school Ordinance, public school is installed, common elementary school in the public school Elementary School, higher elementary school becomes a public school High School.

    April 1, 1947 - National School Elementary School by the school system reform (implementation of the six-three system) becomes a primary school, High School was reorganized in the new system junior high school.
    Sorry, I don't want to polish that up any more --


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    Here is the one, I found today in Canadian flea market :-)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Cast Aluminum Civil Defense Helmet   Cast Aluminum Civil Defense Helmet  

    Cast Aluminum Civil Defense Helmet   Cast Aluminum Civil Defense Helmet  

    Cast Aluminum Civil Defense Helmet  
    Looking for following WWII German items:
    - anything dealing with Allenstein (Olsztyn) and Wehrkreis I in East Prussia,
    - entrenching tool carrier (straight and folding),
    - forestry and hunting items,

    Polish Militaria 1914-1945 -
    GTA Militaria - Discussions and Sales -

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    Nice one!,The chinstraps appear to be that really loosely woven light weight material with a very "Fluffy" feel to it. It seems to have more information on the inside than most you see, so I am interested to hear what our experts say... perhaps will include the area where it was used? Regards,Geoff

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    Thought I'd add this one I just got
    Attached Images Attached Images Cast Aluminum Civil Defense Helmet Cast Aluminum Civil Defense Helmet Cast Aluminum Civil Defense Helmet 

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    Nice one Jareth! Would that classify as Navy Shipbuilders ?? Regards,Geoff

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    You shouldn't force labels onto things when you have no idea. Wrong labels only hamper the emergence of the truth and even after the truth does emerge, it takes forever to undo the mistake. We should not repeat the mistakes they made with the Chinese Collaborator Medal, etc. In comparison, "unknown" is an honest and easily detachable label.

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    Quote by meyle77 View Post
    Here is the one, I found today in Canadian flea market :-)
    Hi Meyle77,

    Municipal Guard

    Yamato Chō-kai
    Yamato Town Council
    is nonstandard for machi/chō [town]

    Dai Ichi Tō-tai
    1st Municipal Corps


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