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Comfort Bag

Article about: Okay, I have a confession to make: I am a closet comfort bag collector! Yes, it's true and I think that the reason has to do with the artwork on the fronts of the bags as well as the often i

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    No, not even close nor from wartime, in my opinion. What did you buy them as? They look like strainer bags used by restaurants to make soup stock by filling it with dried fish or fish savings and then boiling.

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    The seller write this, 古い 繭袋 まとめて! 【蚕養資料・襤褸・古布・麻・木綿 i not take it if is no good
    thanks for the help

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    Don't take it, if you don't want to waste money

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    Quote by Type4 View Post
    The seller write this, 古い 繭袋 まとめて! 【蚕養資料・襤褸・古布・麻・木綿 i not take it if is no good
    thanks for the help
    Old -- [silkworm] cocoon bag -- all sold as one lot 【silkworm material・tattered・old cloth ・hemp・cord made of mulberry bark fibers】

    Listen to Nick!

    plus ... it has a company/store/shop logo: (ヱ)


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    Default Another New Comfort Bag

    This comfort bag design was printed in red ink on a white cotton bag. The upper-center aspect has a naval anchor on the left-hand side and an Imperial Army steel helmet with its star, resting upon one another. The vertical line of 5 kanji on the right-hand side say, Ki Buun Chokyu or "I Pray Your Military Fortunes Are Long Lasting". The center line of 3 characters says, "Comfort Bag" and the rectangular box on the far left-hand side is generally for a sender's name and/or their address. This is a simple, yet nice looking style of bag.

    Michael BComfort Bag

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    Here are a pair of recently acquired "plain Jane" comfort bags I would like to add to MichaelB's terrific thread. Both are circa 1939 and were sent to north China. I know this because they came in a lot with a Guntai Techo and some papers.

    The first is from Japanese occupied Korea and says (other side is blank):
    慰問袋 Comfort Bag
    朝鮮 Korea 黄海道 Hwanghae Province 谷山郡 Koksan County
    Koksan County is now in North Hwanghae Province, North Korea

    The second is almost 50% larger, the bottom pic (torn side) says:
    大日本 Greater Japan
    静岡県 Shizuoka Prefecture 榛原郡 Haibara District
    由比町 Yuichou (there's more but that's as far as I got)

    P.S. Mike, it was my very great pleasure to meet you at the MAX! These are the "old bags" I said I'd post. BTW, your book is wonderful and useful, I love it!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Comfort Bag   Comfort Bag  

    Comfort Bag  

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    This is in Rayon

    Comfort Bag

    Comfort Bag

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    My new navy bag. Interesting horse motif!
    Attached Images Attached Images Comfort Bag Comfort Bag Comfort Bag Comfort Bag 

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