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大東亜戦争 Dai Tō-A Sensō (The Great East Asia War)-----Day By Day

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    昭和十七年 一月十一日 Shouwa 17 (1942) January 11th, 1942

    日本陸軍(第五師団)、クアラルンプール占領 Imperial Japanese Army Captures Kuala Lumpur, Malaya

    Imperial Japanese Army (Fifth Division, under 25th Army) occupies Kuala Lumpur. Battle of Kuala Lumpur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    大東亜戦争 Dai Tō-A Sensō (The Great East Asia War)-----Day By Day Imperial Japanese Army Officer of 5th Army at Kuala Lumpur

    日本帝国、オランダへ宣戦布告 蘭印作戦開始 Imperial Japan Declares War on Netherlands, Invasion of Dutch East Indies Begins

    Imperial Japan armed forces invades Tarakan Island and Menado of Dutch East Indies after declared war on Netherlands.

    - IJN Paratroopers conducted the first successful air born attack on Menado

    大東亜戦争 Dai Tō-A Sensō (The Great East Asia War)-----Day By Day

    - Landing of Celebes Island
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    昭和十七年 一月十五日 Shouwa 17 (1942) January 15th, 1942

    日本軍ビルマ攻撃部隊タイに集結 Imperial Japanese Armed Forces Prepares to Attack Burma

    Imperial Japan's Burma Invasion forces were all gathered in Thailand.

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    昭和十七年 一月二十日~二十二日 Shouwa 17 (1942) January 20th~22nd, 1942

    第一航空艦隊によるラバウルを空襲, 制圧 Air Attacks On Rabaul, New Britain

    Aircraft from IJN 1st Air Fleet bombs Rabaul and gains air superiority.

    - 109 IJN aircrafts took off from 4 carriers made first air strike on Rabaul. (Akagi, Kaga, Soryu, Hiryu)
    - 5 R.A.A.F. interceptors were shot down.

    - 52 aircarft from Akagi and Kaga attacks Kavieng.
    - 75 aircraft from Soryu and Hiryu attacks Madang, Lae-Salamaua.
    - Destroyed most of the Allied aircarft.
    - Australian ground forces abandoned Kavieng and retreats.

    - 46 aircraft from Akagi and Kaga made second air strike on Rabaul.
    - Destruction of coastal artillery, and other important strategic targets.
    - Japanese ground forces landed on Kavieng without resistaence.

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    昭和十七年 一月二十三日 Shouwa 17 (1942) January 23rd, 1942

    日本軍、ニューブリテン島ラバウル占領 Imperial Japan Captures Rabaul, New Britain

    Imperial Japanese armed forces occupies Rabaul.

    - Important strategic land/airbase.

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