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Article about: Can anyone help with the unit (7087) on this dogtag?

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    Default dog tag

    Can anyone help with the unit (7087) on this dogtag?
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    Unfortunately, the government compiled listing from Nov. 1946 shows that as an unassigned number with a blank in the spreadsheet. However 7088 and other numbers in that range are generally assigned to 特設警備隊 Specially established guard units, which were adhoc units assembled to repair air raid damaged army facilities. They were generally non-combatants and only equipped with training rifles and such borrowed back from local schools. Unfortunately until a listing can be found with a positive ID for 7087, it will have to remain a mystery.

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    As Nick said... there's no way to uncloak the name of this unit at present.

    Regarding the middle column: 西 Sei is 西部 Seibu for the Kyushu area Seibu Army District. "Seibu 22" was the home barracks number for training the '6th Engineer Regiment Replacement Unit' in Kumamoto.

    I don't know whether the regular Army trained "Specially Established Engineer Units" or not (or even if this tag represents one) but these units had an authorized strength of 930 men so some training must have taken place in the interests of command, control and good order.

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    Thank you Nick and Rod.


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