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The Evolution of Imperial Japanís War Medals (1875-1945)

Article about: The Evolution of Japanís War Medals (1875-1945) Prolog; Modernization of Japan, 200 years to catch up on As the era of the Shogun and the Samurai drew to a close, and sovereignty returned to

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    Thanks Nick! I've marked that page for future reference. Funnily, I subconsiously interpreted ヿ as the medieval "Tironian nota" meaning "et/&"....

    You can see it on the Bayeux Tapestry.

    Ubi Harold Wido Parabolant
    Wherein Harold and Guy Confer

    appears today in modern Irish!

    Thanks for giving me "mune" -- it drove me crazy (crazier).


    Quote by nick komiya View Post
    See here, Guy. There are some others.
    Sorry, I was looking at the wrong one from the citation. I meant the one that comes closer to the end like an L upside down .The one you asked about is 旨 (Mune) and this could be written in many ways in the old days. See here ??? (???) [????] - ???????

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    For those interested in orders, it is important to know that Japanese orders were not yours to keep, but had to be returned when you were awarded the next class above. Here's the story "Rare grouping of 3 classes of the Order of the Rising Sun, complete with citations"---Really?

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    Great work! Will visit this thread more times for sure. Thank you for sharing Your knowledge

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    Thank you. You should be back tomorrow, as a new story about the Emperor's uniforms and swords will be uploaded.

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    Here are some rare color order images from Japan's National Archives.

    One is the original of the B&W image I used as post 2 of this thread, showing the Rising Sun first class. The color print shows the texture of the sash ribbon so realistically.

    The second image shows 1871 design studies of what later became the Rising Sun Orders.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    To help you with dating, here is a quick glance at how the lapel ribbons and rosettes for the Order of the Rising Sun had evolved over the years Evolution of the Lapel Badges for the Order of the Rising Sun (1875-1945)

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    Finally, a more legible version of the planned awarding number listing for the China Incident Commemorative medal I mentioned in post 23 has emerged, so here are the final numbers without all the smudging. Of course this makes absolutely no difference to the story, as the new figures are well within the margin of error I anticipated in the post. These numbers were greatly reduced by switching many to the waiting list for the Greater East Asia War Medal and only posthumous awards were made while everyone was made to wait for a glorious prize-giving for the Greater East Asia War, which never came.

    Type of Recipient and Issue Numbers Anticipated
    1. Civil servants or equivalent 468,900
    2. Municipal employees 168,100
    3. Members of prefectural and municipal parliaments 124,000
    4. Heads of villages and townships 187,700
    5. Heads of neighborhood associations 903,100
    6. Air raid surveillance groups 74,200
    7. Civil Defense related 75,000
    8. Newspaper and magazines 14,500
    9. Savings/Bonds promoters 3,900
    10. Youth Groups and Religious Groups 98,500
    11. Fishery and Forestry related public entities 247,400
    12. Commerce and industry public entities 45,100
    13. Commerce and industry 130,300
    14. Power, communications and aviation 14,300
    15. Shipping 34,100
    16. Railroads and freighting 7,300
    17. Social services 123,800
    18. Other Private Contributors within mainland Japan 20,200
    19. Private contributors in Korea 206,600
    20. Private contributors in Taiwan 102,300
    21. Private contributors in Sakhalin 17,000
    22. Private contributors in South Pacific Areas 2,400

    Total 3,068,700
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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