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Four things you didnít know about Kamikaze

Article about: Four things you didnít know about Kamikaze I conned you people once into reading a short language course by using the word ďKamikazeĒ, but now I will make up for it by telling you a few thin

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    Great thread, very interesting!.....
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Brilliant , thanks Nick

    We are the Pilgrims , master, we shall go
    Always a little further : it may be
    Beyond that last blue mountain barred with snow
    Across that angry or that glimmering sea...

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    The transcribed information I got off the net on the Tokko memorial slab at Setagaya Kannon proved inaccurate when I looked up what unit code 675 stood for. It actually says 16675 unit, not 675. My thread on Army dog tags shows you how to decipher these numeral unit codes used after 1940, and the unit turned out to be the 5th Flight Exercises unit (第5練習飛行隊). I went back to revise it, so it is now corrected.

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    Hi Nick, how do the book, the movie and the TV series of Eternal Zero all compare? There are no reviews on the series at Amazon yet.



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    The movie is true to the spirit of the book, and the VFX is the best I've seen, but it does not have all the details of military life, the bullying in the navy being worse than in the army, the prejudice against warrant officers, motives for joining the navy, etc as those don't fare well as visuals. The book is much longer with more witnesses and includes the Tokko operations by Ohkas. The drama series having more screen time than the movie, covers more episodes from the book not in the movie, but because of the low budget it is cheap and frankly I did not like the TV drama and I would not particularly recommend it. I've seen the movie already 6 times or so on the net, but still bought a DVD today to be able to see it in German along with the book in English, though I've already read the Japanese original. The book is simply a must.

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    They also tend to sell overpriced militaria and are hard to deal with. Or at least, that has been my experience with 100% of the Kamikaze pilots I know. Well, I only know the one. But my math is accurate. "Bill" was a local militaria dealer in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas up until about a year ago. Obviously, he never had a successful mission. He was 16 when the war ended and a friend of mine has an original photo of Bill next to his aircraft.

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