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A free Japanese sword...

Article about: The cherry blossom WAS a reverse threaded screw! The sword is apart and there ARE markings! VICTORY!! Stand-by for photos!

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    Default A free Japanese sword...

    Hello, folks!

    I know I am a little ahead of myself... please excuse my premature enthusiasm!

    If a moderator would like to close this thread because I do not have the sword in my possession yet, please do not hesitate to do so!

    The Japanese rifle I brought to a local woodworker really peaked his interest and he remembered that his father left an old sword in their family barn. He said that he knows I will appreciate the sword, so he is going to give it to me!

    All I know right now is that the sword looks "very fancy... for an officer" looking and has a wooden scabbard. Unfortunately, poor storage in the barn has caused the leather (shark or ray skin?) cover on the wooden scabbard to become damaged/ fallen off. The woodworker mentioned that the blade is in great condition and is still very sharp.

    I know this is an absolutely small amount of information to go off of... BUT I thought maybe starting a thread would generate the discussion that will ultimately help me identify this sword.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Stay tuned!
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    Default Re: A free Japanese sword...

    Man you're real lucky on this free stuff!!

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    Default Re: A free Japanese sword...

    Looking forward to some pictures.

    You mention leather then shark/ray skin. We won't know till we see it of course but both IJA and IJN swords can be found sheathed in leather covered wooden saya. They are referred to as combat covers. Yours may be such an example, time will tell.


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    Default Re: A free Japanese sword...

    Free is always the best price. Without pictures, it is impossible to comment further on your sword. I am looking forward to pictures when you obtain it.


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    Default Re: A free Japanese sword...


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    Default Re: A free Japanese sword...

    Thanks, Stu and Bob! I was hoping you two would be on hand to help me out on this one!

    I know the information I've provided so far is WAY too little to comment on... But my only experience with these swords was with the copper handled NCO that I found in the trash. Based on what Stu said, I'm glad that the sword hasn't already been ruled out as a fake! I'm optimistic, extremely interested and still very excited!

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    Default Re: A free Japanese sword...

    Anyone getting such a desirable item for nothing has every reason to be excited! Whatever the condition, it is worth more than you gave for it.
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    Default Re: A free Japanese sword...

    Thanks, Harry!

    When I first brought my rifle to the woodworker's, he mentioned the sword but didn't explicitly say he would be willing to part with it. Him specifically saying that it's mine and that he believes I will appreciate it/ give it a good home has made me very happy!

    Stu and Bob, is the combat cover something that can be repaired or replaced?

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    Default Re: A free Japanese sword...

    and here I thought this thread meant you were offering US a free Japanese Sword LOL

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    Default Re: A free Japanese sword...

    The GIS strikes again oh how I wished people here would part with their 'unwanted rubbish' so readily , cant wait to see it Joe

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