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Good Luck Flag-Heavily Signed

Article about: I wanted to share with you a flag that I recently picked up. It caught my eye for a few reasons: I don't think that I have ever seen a flag with this many signatures. As a matter of fact, th

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    GREAT FLAG! Wonder if it was done for a person who knew they would never return (kamikaze)

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    Very unique flag MikeB! perhaps if one could find the name of the individual (if it was indeed an individual) it was presented to That might be a clue.I suppose it would be possible for celebrities to join the service as it was for actors, movie stars the U.S. Just a thought... Regards,Geoff

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    I wonder if any of the signers are still alive? Would be an interesting project. Whoever the guy was they were signing it for must have been like a local movie star or something Big! lol
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    That's a beauty Michael, looks as though the whole town signed it! Leon.
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    Stunning Mike - I want it!!



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    The inscription in the center of the sun contains four repetitions of the neo-Shinto prayer Sa-Mu-Ha-Ra. The kanji are fabricated, so you cannot find them in any online dictionary. The best I could do is copy a couple of images:

    About Samuhara


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    Great flag Mike. A very beautiful piece.

    As per your request. Here is one of mine. While not as neat as your example but as you can see every available bit of space, including the orb has been filled. This flag is one of 3 given to the same gentleman. I also have his techo which is very handy.

    The soldier's name was 麻田新八君,Mr.Shinpachi Asada. I do not know who presented him this flag though. It could be written on it, but I'm just not sure.

    Good Luck Flag-Heavily Signed

    Good Luck Flag-Heavily Signed


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    Default Good Luck Flag-Heavily Signed

    Hello Matt-
    Thank you for posting your flag; I really enjoyed looking it over! It looks like the flag was signed with the hoist (tie strings) on the left-hand side rather than the right. Most flags were signed the other way around, but it really doesn't matter which side the strings were placed. It's also interesting too the manner in which the owner's name was placed. The usual place you see those is along the hoist side, large characters in a vertical fashion. I like this flag as it has a lot of character!


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