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Help! Japanese sword found at pawn shop need thoughts

Article about: I just saw this at a pawn shop tonight. I always wanted one to hang up with my flag. It's cool because its a bringback. as you can tell in the photos, but bad because of condition. CAN anyon

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    Congrats on your purchase of this sword. It may not
    look like much in this condition, but at least you
    know it's authentic - and you got it for a very
    good price, IMO.........


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    thank you. And it has a paper trail, that's not bad. The lady said she made good on the bamboo pistol so it worked out for me.

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    yes I will for sure!

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    Quote by collin102353 View Post
    thank you. And it has a paper trail, that's not bad. The lady said she made good on the bamboo pistol so it worked out for me.
    Congrats on getting it at a lower price . Like mentioned the capture papers add to the story and you can't beat that.
    I do have to correct you on one thing. The pistol that was brought back would not have been a Bamboo but would have been called a Nambu.
    Once again Congrats
    Semper Fi

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    Im sorry that's what I meant, thanks!

    Yeah when she brought out the captured papers I was like...Ok.

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    I think you did well! Nice wall-hanger *PLUS* the capture papers.

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    It might not be the Prettiest, but this is one that has definitely Been there and has the Papers to prove it. Think of where this sword may have been and what it could have done. The Japanese did Not carry these things for Show! For That kind of money-how could you go wrong? Well done indeed.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    They have a product called the miracle cloth that could clean that up nice .

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    Congratulations ... You can't go wrong at that price.

    You mentioned the nakago (tang) is unmarked. I assume you mean it's free of kanji that would relate to maker and date. Before doing anything further to the sword I suggest you examine the nakago for any sign of a small stamping. In particular a small star. If a stamping is present let us see a clear photograph of it before taking any further action.


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    STu W

    I will look here in a couple hours and I will let you know. Thanks again for all of your advice.

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