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Help! Japanese sword found at pawn shop need thoughts

Article about: I just saw this at a pawn shop tonight. I always wanted one to hang up with my flag. It's cool because its a bringback. as you can tell in the photos, but bad because of condition. CAN anyon

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    Default Help! Japanese sword found at pawn shop need thoughts

    I just saw this at a pawn shop tonight. I always wanted one to hang up with my flag. It's cool because its a bringback. as you can tell in the photos, but bad because of condition. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	779099 CAN anyone tell me anything about this, sorry for lack of photos the pady wasn't really to nice to let me take photos. The handle is loose, and I don't know if it can be tighten, the blade is RUSTY as you can tell. SO for without paying lots of money for a good condition, what would this sword be worth in this condition, they had it at 500 bucks and that's way to high I think. She said she wants to get rid of it and nobody will pay 500 around this time of the year so she will work with me. whats your thoughts...

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    on the paper on the scabbard it says it was captured in the philippines

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    Looks a bit roughly made to be proper military issue.
    Maybe a bring back but maybe just a decorative piece?

    Cheers, Dan
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    It looks to be well used and poorly stored.
    I wouldn't pay more than about $250.-$300. as a wall hanger if you only want it for that. You never know, it could be an older blade. The only way to find out on this one would be to remove the handle.
    I'm sure there will be other opinions posted.
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    im not sure. I don't think I saw serial numbers on it. I didn't have much time to look though. I don't know what that cover is on the scabbard though

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    Thanks for your imput. I agree on the dollar amount also. I like how it has a history though, that's what attracts me more. I just never seen the scabbard cover though, maybe its a common thing

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    looks like someone might of took it apart because the hand guard thing moves

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    Little can be determined from these pictures. An overall picture of th entire sword would show the shape and give some indication of the age of the blade. Check the area of the cutting edge just above the habaki. If it is dull and not sharp for about 1", this is called ububa and it is very likely a WW2 era blade. If sharp, it is likely older. Certain things can be determined by an amateur without removing the handle.


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    im going to go tommarrow and make a offer, no way worth 500 bucks. I just want a wall hanger. My son was late to a jazz class so I couldn't stick around. I'll get some better pictures or just buy it. I will need your guys best support on this, since you guys are the masters at this stuff..

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    Bob knows his blades. So i heartily recommend you follow his advice. He identified a real beat sword I purchased as being very old. Because of him, I had it appraised and it turned out to be from the 1300 ' to 1400's. It is now being professionally restored back to its former glory.

    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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