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Help Mei wanted

Article about: Can somebody help me with this Mei, I think it's an arsenal blade. Thanks, .

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    Default Help Mei wanted

    Can somebody help me with this Mei, I think it's an arsenal blade.
    Thanks, .
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Help Mei wanted   Help Mei wanted  

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    I'm fairly certain about the second kanji of the name, but I cannot find the smith when I google his name. I think the signature is:


    Showa MizunotoHitsuji Haru
    Spring, 1943

    癸未 is the Zodiac calendar and appears every 60 years; in Showa it was in 1943.


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    Thanks, Guy

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    Any stamps above the mei, or toward the tip of th Nakago?

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    Hello Bruce, I don't know, these are the only pics of the Nakago.

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    Guy, it's Yoshiharu 義治, not Yoshinami

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    Thanks to Nick, I was able to find a little about your Yoshiharu:

    Quote by Chris Bowen
    XI. Yoshichika Ke (良近)

    The following smiths are members of the Yoshichika group:

    1. Yoshichika (良近)

    1.1. Nidai Yoshichika (良近)

    1.2. Sukeyuki (介之)

    1.3. Kiyonosuke (神之助)

    1.4. Yoshiharu (義治)


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    Okay thanks, can it be a Gendaito?

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