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Help on type 95 NCO

Article about: This one looks like a good one to me but wanted second opions. Thanks!

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    Default Help on type 95 NCO

    This one looks like a good one to me but wanted second opions.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Help on type 95 NCO   Help on type 95 NCO  

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    Good dealer to work with. The sword is showing up as not available did you buy it?
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    Yes have on hold to buy, but just doing due diligence. Everything I have gotten from Paul before has been great. I'm just not as familar with the Japanese items.

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    Ww2 Japanese swords are going up in value at a good rate. I would buy now and not latter if I were in the market to purchase another sword. Are you wanting the sword based on price or it being an early piece? The nco's will increase in value but will not keep pace with a officers sword on value.
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    Quote by grifflvc View Post
    This one looks like a good one to me but wanted second opions.

    Please save the photos and post them directly here. Otherwise the thread will become useless. In the future, if you decide to sell this, you can only refer to this thread if photos exist here.
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    That is a very nice example price , but great condition which really is what it is all about .

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    I commented on the WAF thread but in short it's a good example and part of what you pay for with a top line dealer like Paul Hogle is the peace of mind knowing the sword has not been messed with and that you will be able to return it without hassle should you wish to do so.

    Values are indeed going up and I note Paul has some other very nice Type 98 and Type 3 Army officer swords and a nice Type 97 Navy in stock. I know from experience that you can do lay-a-way so if you are in the market for any of them it might be worth investigating that option.

    PS: When you have it in hand please measure the thickness of the rim of the tsuba. The earlier examples of that variation have an 11mm thick tsuba whereas the later ones are 9mm thick. Both are still "early" in the developmental time line of the Type 95.
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    It is a nice early made one in nice condition.

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    Wasnt it only Suya that made the thick tsuba?

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    A nice sword and an even nicer dealer to deal with.

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