The writing at the 12 o'clock position is called "bonji" and is really a stylized version of the sanscrit word अचल. This one is for one of the "gods" of war, Fudo Myou, the Immovable. Fudo stands chained at the gate of hell with his sword of enlightenment, ready to smack the entrant with it so that the entrant may be enlightened before descending into death.

The two kanji to the left say 戦勝 "Sen Shou" [Victory in War] and on the left are 祈願 "Kigan" [Prayer Request] ... so it's a prayer request for victory in combat.

Further to the left is the name of the shrine, 成田山 Narita-San [Narita Mountain], and it is still there, not far from Narita International Airport.

Then the priest's name, 先達 Sendatsu [senior] 横井 定蓮 Yokoi Jouren. His family name is Yokoi [side well] and his professional name is Jouren [Constant Lotus].

Fudo Myou:

Fudo -- a statue I had carved in LA by a resident Japanese temple carver (1984). I asked him to make a copy of Miyamoto Mushashi's statue.