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Hinomaru Authenticity?

Article about: I always wanted one of these, very cool item!

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    Default Re: Hinomaru Authenticity?

    I always wanted one of these, very cool item!

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    Sadly this went for more than I could afford . Hopefully somebody from here got it.

    Thank you for the translations and helpful information. Hopefully I will be able to find another one soon to start my collection

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    Snooze, you lose.........


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    There are plenty around for sale, not sure how many are real but I saw this one go for 355US on ebay, out of my reach for one, but it was supposedly captured on Iwo Jima and came with alot of provenence and research, it is also fully translated, do we buy the story? here is the info if anyone cares.

    Up for bid is this stunning Iwo Jima captured flag by a US Marine – most likely 4th -, March 1945. The name of the vet as well as origin is known to me and will be revealed to the winning bidder.

    I´m a historian and the flag was researched under the Freedom of Information Act, since the owner of the flag was the nephew of the by now long departed Marine, and obviously – and respectfully - did not wish to reveal too much personal information on the gentleman vet´s origin, besides that he survived the war, where he came from originally, and his name. The private seller perhaps did not seem to have known his uncle very well, or was as implied reluctant to give too much family information for personal reasons I assume. Please remember too that nearly 70 years have passed since the vet fought on Iwo Jima.

    I was told where the gentleman was raised and grew up, that this particular flag was captured on Iwo Jima. I always try to research my purchased flags if possible, and to confirm whatever information I am given by seller. In this case the gentleman vet was to have been born in a certain US Eastern State(will also be revealed to the winning bidder), and had a not very common name.

    I therefore contacted the US Vets National Archive to see if someone by that name served on Iwo Jima and survived. It turned out that a person of a similar name did come from that part of the USA, but from the neighbouring state. The vet had in his earlier days moved to California – same state where I happened to purcahse the flag from, and that this person by the same name had participated in the battles of Iwo Jima and survived.

    Whether the vet moved to California before or just after the war is not known to me, since the before mentioned Freedom of Information Act can only reveal limited information if one is not a relative.

    A copy of the answer from the National Vets Archives will also be given to the winning bidder. If I have – and what I believe to be the case – identified the vet, he was a pioneer within a certain field in California after the war as well as a known person in the trades and industries along with his just as known partner(an officer, decorated), with whom he also fought side by side on Saipan and Okinawa.

    Just for the record I tried to have this information confirmed by seller, but he did not wish to reveal more. Since his uncle´s name as stated is somewhat unusual, one must ask oneself how many US Marines by the same name fought on Iwo Jima at the same time and survived, and moved from about the same place in eastern USA to California too? Please make your own judgement.

    If wished for I will too reveal the name and state of the nephew of the gentleman vet, but kindly ask the winning bidder not to try and contact him or relatives, since it´s obviously sellers´ wish to have his privacy undisturbed.

    As for this gem of flag it measures app. 83x75cm. It seems made of cotton or the like, and has some stains I cannot identify, some smaller bloodstains in the circle I believe, but in general it´s in very good shape. One golden leather strap is missing, but the other string preserved. Please study the pictures. The flag will be sold without the frame due to postal expenses, but the brass plate with letters in black on the frame will too follow the flag. It will be detached from the frame as gently as possible.

    In the following you will be able to read an almost complete translation of the flag, which I personally find intriguing. I will ship worldwide, but not to Africa and South America for the same shipping fee of 17 dollars by registered mail.

    I have tried to the best of my ability to describe this amazing flag, which is sold as is. Please bid with confidence. Questions are of course welcome, but I doubt I can tell you more here. Happy bidding and a good day to you.

    Translation of the flag:

    The receiver of the flag: “Shouji Takayama” (first name could also be or Masashi)

    Right side clockwise translated by Danish and native Japanese interpreters, exact interpretations may differ slightly from any other interpreter according to personal valuation:

    1) (with prayer in front the classical): “Ki-buun-choukyuu” = “Praying for Everlasting Fortune in Battle”

    2) “Serve the monarch with loyalty”.

    3) “Destroy the enemy!”

    4) Interpreters are not quite sure, but something like receiving “..the machines of the Gods..”, that are to destroy the enemy. Likely a connection to the Japanese Airforce.

    5) “Destruction to USA and England!”

    6) “1000.000.000 – one heart” – meaning all of the Japanese people.

    7) The name of a person, only second name can be read: “Miyamoto”.

    8) ---------------------------“------------------------------------: “Umibayashi”.

    9) “Certain victory!”

    10) Name of person: “Matsumoto Shouichi” (or “Masakazu” or “Masaichi”).

    11) A prayer for good luck in battle.

    12) Name: “Hamachi Sairou(?”)

    13) "Takayama-kun banzai", "Hurrah for Takayama” [The receiver of the flag].

    14) Name of person: “Yoshida Katsuo”

    15) “May you do well!”

    16) A woman´s name: “Matsumoto Kiyoko” or “Seiko”.

    17) “Respect Tokkoutai”, “"Tokkoutai" directly translated: “Special Attack Force”. A reference to kamikaze pilots, but could also refer to another special Attack Force.

    18) A special name: “Umiyama Ryuujirou”. According to the native Japanese interpreter probably a common name, but still clearly indicates a reference, you would meet in a historical, Japanese novel or the like.

    19) “Destroy England and USA!”

    20) Name of male person: “Shouji Masao”.

    21) The middle of the sentence could not be crypted, but it has something to do with the usual "Buun-choukyuu"(as above mentioned) ending by a first name: “Kenta”.

    22) A small poem: “The cherry flowers[sakura], that are leaving, and the cherry blossom that stay is cherry blossom that again will fall from the trees”. Presumably a poem that refers to those, who are going off to war, and those who will be staying behind; all will eventually die. Signed: “Takayama Tomokazu".

    23) “The imperial army is invinsible. Win! Win!”. Signed: “Tokimasa”.

    24) Name: “Uno Takeo”.

    25) “I shall pray that you will carry out deeds that will be respected”. Signed: “Masatani Terutake”.

    26) “Leave in order to win!”. Signed a woman´s name: “Kitano Teruko”.

    27) “Keep your head cool and do your best!”. Signed a woman´s name: “Imamiya Sadako”.

    28) Something like: “Righteous Japan”. Signed: “Kaijou”(second name, first couldn´t be crypted).

    29) “The land of the Gods, Japan!”. Signed: “Shinnou/Jinnou/Kaminou Shigeo”.

    30) Blurred battlecry signed: “Kusunoki Tadashi”.

    31) “Kill the Yankees!”.

    32) Name of person: “Yamashiro”. First name couldn´t be read.

    33) Name of person: “Kiyohara Chitama/Chidama”.

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    Default Re: Hinomaru Authenticity?

    Quote by maximus71 View Post
    ....The receiver of the flag: “Shouji Takayama” (first name could also be or Masashi)
    正次 could be (1) Shouji, (2) Masaji, (3) Masatsugu, (4) Seiji. (..... and probably others.....)

    I just did a quick Google search of 正次 and checked the first 10~12 returns; they were almost evenly divided between Shouji and Masaji. The outliers were Masatsugu and Seiji -- about 1 or 2 each.


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    Default Re: Hinomaru Authenticity?

    I wonder if anybody could point me in the direction of a good place to purchase one of these? So far I have been looking on ebay mainly and there are always a few on there - mainly from Japan which always worries me as they seem too clean and for obvious reasons faking would be easier.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Hinomaru Authenticity?

    Quote by HJCP View Post
    I wonder if anybody could point me in the direction of a good place to purchase one of these? So far I have been looking on ebay mainly and there are always a few on there - mainly from Japan which always worries me as they seem too clean and for obvious reasons faking would be easier.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    I left you a link in post 8 to Mike Bortner's site. You could go that route (see his sales section) or just send me a PM ... I have quite a few and could probably part with one depending upon what sort of budget you are working within.


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    Default Re: Hinomaru Authenticity?

    Thanks for the reply Stu and apologies I had not noticed that mike sold them on his website.

    I have sent you a pm.

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