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IJA 95 sword

Article about: Picked up another Sword. Opinions appreciated.

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    Default IJA 95 sword

    Picked up another Sword. Opinions appreciated.
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    I would say good/original with it matching Saya/scabbard, but well cleaned some time ago. The scabbard has been cleaned/removed of its paint along with the tusuka/handle, which shows little of its original paint.
    Semper Fi

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    From those photos it appears to me to be an authentic example of a top latch, brass tsuba Type 95 NCO sword made by the Iijima sword manufacturing group for the Tokyo First Arsenal while it was still under Kokura Administration. Too bad it's been so heavily cleaned/refurbished.


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    I know nothing about this collectible piece.. But, Not unlike coins... And I know you didn't have a hand in this... Cleaned items seem to de-valuate the price and collectabilty... Just my two cents... G

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    I think it is a nice early production run. I believe you got it at a good price too!

    IMO i don't think it has been abused deliberately with cleaning to remove the paint, these early handles (with true representation of ito wrap) are all very similar, i haven't seen one yet with yellow painted cherry blossoms, (the 3 i have are the same) and the brown ito wrap paint, only seems to be present along the top and bottom edges, never in the middle. Having said that, yours still has paint present in the grooves, and is, i believe an honest wear, less paint than most though. A lot of these early pieces were repainted post war, at least yours isn't.

    It may be the photos, but does the scabbard appear to have silver/grey paint on it?
    And, did you clear the blockage from the scabbard?

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    Yes I think I got it at a very good price. The blockage IMHO is a few small dents near the bottom of the scabbard that makes the blade tight. It is just a guess but IMHO I believe the two have been separated for a long time. I blew a small pile of rust out of the inside of the scabbard and a little silicone paste and now the blade goes all the way in. It is tight the last inch but not bad. The whole scabbard and handle have a gold sheen to them. It may have been lightly painted or even varnished at one time. The hand guard is 9mm though.


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    nice looker.

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    While I agree that some of these show the effects (paint loss) from heavy usage I still feel that this has been buffed. Have a look at the those fuchi stampings and while the serial number is indeed early production I'm surprised to see a 9mm tsuba on the sword. I'd have thought it would be the 11mm version at that stage.

    But after all, a guy can't have too many swords and if you acquired it at a price you are pleased with then it's a win for you and the old varnish, if that's what's on it, can be removed through several non destructive methods if you choose to do so.


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    The tsuba and fuchi do appear to be cleaned recently, possibly buffed,, but i wouldn't say that the handle has been buffed.
    In my opinion it would be brighter, and have some obvious loss of detail as the aluminium is softer, and more severe paint loss than it already has. (just my opinion)
    Also Stu, i think you'll find that the 11mm tsuba's dissappear by the 9k serial number range, so this one is as i would expect it to appear. Having said that, there may always be an exception out there!


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    I agree that it has probably been cleaned. It was still a bargain IMHO for what it is.

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