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IJA Colonel Jacket

Article about: IJA Colonels Jacket

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    Default IJA Colonel Jacket

    IJA Colonels Jacket
    IJA Colonel JacketIJA Colonel JacketIJA Colonel JacketIJA Colonel Jacket

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    Great looking jacket. It appears to be in great shape.

    Awesome score on the other items you picked up with this

    Semper Fi

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    Thanks mate

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    MAP is online now


    Agree with Phil. Awesome grouping and a great tunic. You have it all. Now just have to get a child's sized mannequin to put it on.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Very nice jacket!! I am finding more and more interest for IJA militaria lately, not only because of more normal prices- but also because i have tiny plans to open a small museum here where i live to teach children of the occupation years. (Yes im a dreamer)

    I have asked around for IJA militaria here in the south of Mindanao, but for some reason people does not have any deep knowledge of the japanese occupation years. They know there was japanese here (sometimes), but they have not any clue of leftovers from IJA soldiers. My maids family just gave away the old rifle they had in their home because of a drunk uncle were fighting outside, and the grandmother took the old rifle out from under the bed and stood outside shouting at the drunkards, when the rifle went off in the air.

    70years under a bed- loaded, and no one knew. They then gave it away to another family member.

    My maid identified it from photos as an Arisaka.

    (i am trying to fish it out from the current owner, but im not sure how it will turn out)
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

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    If i were you TrondK, id be having a wander around the jungle there...although i am fully aware of the dangers that involves in many parts of the Philippines..Im sure the Philippines Jungle concealed Japanese soldiers longer than any other area..Hirō Onoda
    I should also add that like Thailand, WW2 stuff was heavily 'recycled' by the locals after the war, the Philippines more so due to the poverty..even progressively rich countries like Singapore have very little...may be they were just all sick of colonialism

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