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IJA Greatcoat Kai 45 (改45式) & Heavy Winter Coat

Article about: Hi All, Here are my recent purchase from China: 1.) IJA 改四五式 (Kai 45 Shiki) Type 45 Mod. Greatcoat The Kai 45 was the NCO version of the Type 45. They were first

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    Default IJA Greatcoat Kai 45 (改45式) & Heavy Winter Coat

    Hi All,

    Here are my recent purchase from China:

    1.) IJA 改四五式 (Kai 45 Shiki) Type 45 Mod. Greatcoat

    The Kai 45 was the NCO version of the Type 45. They were first introduced in around 1918 (Taisho 7). An army regulation (No.1462) stated that all military personal (NCO's) were to be issued with a new type of greatcoat (Kai 45). There are almost no difference between the two except some of the Type.
    My example was Taishou 10 (大正 十) 1921 made. Size No. 6 ()--my size. It is in very good condition, and almost no damage (a few tiny moth holes, and some fraying). All I need is a hood. For a coat that is 92 years old, I won't complaint.

    I heard that some Japanese collectors would like to get in hands on this type of coats after watching a movie call 『226』 (THE FOUR DAYS OF SNOW AND BLOOD). Based on a true event of Japanese coup d'etat, The February 26 Incident. February 26 Incident - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    2.) Heavy Winter Coat

    I don't know the designation for this winter coat, but I haven't seen an example so great as this. The first few pic was taken by the seller, (the shoulder boards were not included). This is almost an unused piece. Not only the condition, this coat's sleeves can be detached ! The fur lining is still present (what animal fur was used?). The sleeves lining are made of different materials as well. This example was Shouwa 18 made (昭和 十八), size small ().

    Size Samll Left and Right. (小左)---Small Left (小右)---Small Right

    Thank you for viewing.


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    Very nice coats! I've always wanted the second one myself. Just one thing though, Type 45 and Mod.45 coats had integral hoods and upright collars, the coat you have has been modified after being issued (either by the NCO or after switch to Type 98). Type 45 and Modified 45 are basically the same, and issued to both NCO and EM except slight change in sizing scheme and the lack of red cuff piping.

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    Hi Haru-san,

    Nice photo! Thank you for the additional info on the Type 45 coats.

    I'm just starting to collect Japanese stuff, and would like to ask you how are the availability of these coats?


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    Here are the examples of the coats in use.


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    Hi, beautiful examples with nice detailed photos.
    I love Japanese stuff and it also seems that you have a nice home.


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    Hi Nuno-san,

    Thank you for the kind comments.

    In fact some of the photos were taken by the seller (with wood flooring). At least he has the manikin for the full front and back view.


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    Also a couple of winter coats featured in this picture
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture IJA Greatcoat Kai 45 (改45式) & Heavy Winter Coat  

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    I want that Old Style Winter Coat so bad !

    Would like to see a real example. Only see them in photos and illustrations.


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    Nice coat, not very often seen.

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