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IJA Mannequin display

Article about: Hi All, Finally finished my display, putting all the bits and pieces together was fun, the matching belt was probably the hardest to find, many of the items I received help with from the ama

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    Thanks for all the comments guys, I am aware the belt was for an officer, and I am aware it is not a 100% period correct display, these are the items I obtained and this is how I decided to display it. I have seen many pictures of all different types,styles, colors of belts being worn in the field over the tunic, also I am sure at some point during the war someone other then an officer held/used binoculars, I wasn't there but my imagination is what I went with. Textbook is not my style lol.

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    Sorry, It looks completely way off.

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    You are quite right, Maximus; it is a field equipment belt and was worn over the tunic to secure several pieces of equipment.
    As you are already aware of the anomalies in this display, there is no need to point them out. That is the way you have chosen to display your collection of fine items, though I am sure all our comments are intended to be helpful, of course.

    However, I still say you need another mannequin, to split and expand the bits into Officer and Other Ranks displays!
    Let’s face it; you already knew it wasn’t ‘finished’!
    No such thing in this hobby.

    Cheers and all the best,
    Happy hunting,

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    I guess it will join the ranks of 100 other similar pictures and displays I've seen that are apparently way off. At least all the items are original and not fake, I get some points for that !!! I am pleased with it and that is all that really matters. Thank you for all the help.

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    Nice items. I love that one looker tag.


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    Quote by maximus71 View Post
    also I am sure at some point during the war someone other then an officer held/used binoculars
    No doubt. But they'd have held/used wartime binoculars, not the postwar pair you've pictured.

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    Yes I couldn't see spending 2 to 300 dollars for binos so these fit the bill.

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