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IJA Pith Helmet (Unissued)

Article about: Hi Everybody, haven't post anything for a long time, lol ! Here is my recent purchase: IJA Pith Helmet (Unissued) It is the best one I've seen so far ! Been waiting for a good one to own and

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    Thank you for the kind words, Gents !

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    Any sign of the helmet I sent you? I've tried to PM you a couple of times and haven't got a response so I'll give this a go.

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    Hi Dave-san,
    PM sent.


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    My compliments on a nice one Taka-San! timothy

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    Brought you a small present, too. Follow the instructions carefully. First, comes the press form and then you're in the Type 98 Sun Helmet business.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture IJA Pith Helmet (Unissued)   IJA Pith Helmet (Unissued)  

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    Very Nice Helmet! if I remember correctly the white stamp on the inside indicates "Front" ???

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    Yes, front

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    Beautiful example!

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    A little more info on this type of pith helmet.They were designed to be able to be worn over the Type 90 helmet to reduce the heat of the steel and in this variation you can see the loops for attachment of the Havlock /neck protection.The Japanese had several different variations of the pith helmet and I am sure because of their light weight and effectiveness in tropical climates I am willing to bet there were not many complaints about carrying them around from the soldiers who had these as part of their equipment! IJA Pith Helmet (Unissued)IJA Pith Helmet (Unissued)IJA Pith Helmet (Unissued)

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    Hey Taka - long time no talk!

    Stunning helmets shown here!



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