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IJA Shoulder Boards

Article about: I wanted to share a set of Japanese shoulder boards I received as a gift from a very good friend recently.As I know next to nothing about shoulder boards at all,I was hoping to see some diff

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    Just found the post! Thanks Avenger Great set..and Awesome Box!!

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    The ones with the smooth buttons clearly are the standard for dress uniforms, so the question is rather the cherry blossom button on the first example. Unfortunately I am currently tied up in writing up the medals and order section for a coming book, so I will come back to the issue when I'm free again.

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    Keep us posted on the book Nick! Regards,Geoff

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    You don't need to buy the book to read what I write. I am not the type of author who intentionally withholds information to sell books and answers forum questions with " read/buy my book, it's in there". The book is featuring the articles I write here, so you'll get the medals story first and free, if you just stay tuned to this channel.

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    I'll Definitely do that Nick,I'm always excited when a new book is coming out! Keep us posted Perhaps I can get my kids to get me a birthday present this year I can actually use!
    I was always that kid who hated getting clothes as presents! Regards,Geoff

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    The medal story is finally done, so back to your boards. The ones with the smooth buttons are the more common dress uniform boards, whereas the ones with the cheery blossom like yours are for the type 98 uniform. For a short time, they had going out dress for type 98s, which in concept was like the piped field service jacket (geschmückte Feldbluse) the German's had in WW2, a cross between a field jacket and a dress jacket. They looked like this.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture IJA Shoulder Boards  

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    Thank you Nick for getting back to this topic That is a Gorgeous tunic! were the slash style pockets a standard feature on these or was that a custom feature possibly dictated by period fashions? I have seen private purchase tunics for German officers with French cuffs and slash pockets. Definitely a sharp looking jacket.Thank you for showing it! Regards,Geoff

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    Slash pockets all around were standard for the type 98 introduced in May 1938. That was when they switched to the fold-down collar and started to wear the branch of service as M shaped insignia. The German uniform with slash waist pockets was also standard design for the Reichsheer, not because it was private tailored.

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