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IJN flag

Article about: Wondering what the kanji said on this one. Seems to be a pilots flag or such Thanks Charlie

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    Default IJN flag

    Wondering what the kanji said on this one. Seems to be a pilots flag or such
    IJN flag


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    Never seen one like it! I recognize the aviation cadet collar tab insignias on flag. The answer will be in the translation

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    Kinoehi Densoku-Kai
    Kinoehi Field Measurement Association

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    Default Navy Flight Preparatory Course Trainee


    -- 行予科練習生(甲飛

    -- 乙種飛行予科練習生(乙飛)

    -- 丙種飛行予科練習生(丙飛)
    1940年(昭和15年)発足。操縦練習生・偵察練習生の制度に代わるもの。特乙飛制度の新設によって廃止 となった。

    -- 乙種(特)飛行予科練習生(特乙飛)

    -- 特別丙種飛行予科練習生(特丙飛)
    1944年(昭和19年)12月に第1期教育開始。海軍特別志願兵の朝鮮人日本兵・台湾人日本兵対象。実例 は1期(朝鮮出身者50人・台湾出身者50人)のみで、鹿児島空で教育開始後、1945年6月に土浦空へ異 動して教育中に終戦[1]。


    甲種飛行予科練習生制度の導入以降、両制度を甲・乙と言う優劣を表す名前に変更した為、また昇進速度の違い などもあり、練習生間での対立が問題となった。予科練航空隊を増設する際、甲飛・乙飛を分離する計画もあっ たが、戦況の悪化によって後発航空隊による甲乙分離計画は立ち消えとなり、末期まで尾を引いた 。

    Navy Flight Prepatory Course Trainee

    - Class A flight preparatory course Trainee (Kinoehi)
    1937 inauguration.
    [Guy's Note: "Class-A/Primary/No. 1" is in Japanese]

    -- Class B flight preparatory course Trainee (Otsuhi)
    1930 inauguration.

    -- Class C flight preparatory course Trainee (Heihi)
    1940 inauguration. Maneuvering Trainee-reconnaissance Trainee of an alternative to the system. It was abolished by the establishment of Tokuotsuhi system.

    -- Class B (Special) flight preparatory course Trainee (Tokuotsuhi)
    December 1942 inauguration.

    -- Special Class C flight preparatory course Trainee (Tokuheihi)
    1944 (1944) and the first phase education start in December. Korean Japanese soldiers, Taiwanese, Japanese soldiers subject of Navy special volunteers. Examples are only one phase (Korea graduates 50 people, Taiwan graduates 50 people), after the education started in Kagoshima, the end of the war in education by transfer to Tsuchiura in June 1945.

    Conflict Between Kinoehi and Otsuhi

    Class A flight preparatory course since the introduction of the trainee system, because it was changed to the name that represents the relative merits to say both institutional and A - B, There are also differences in promotion rates, conflict between the Trainee has become a problem. When installing additional Yokaren Air Corps, there were also plans to separate the Kinoehi-B flying, party hereto separation plan by the late Air Corps by the deterioration of the war situation becomes extinction, minus the tail until the end.

    Japanese Wiki source
    [Sorry for not wanting to polish the computer-generated translation!!!]

    So .... perhaps this is the flag of an association of Electrical students of the Navy Flight School?

    (As always, I reserve the right to be wrong!)

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    Densoku ..... I should have just looked up that portion! It translates to Operations Specialist rating. The Japanese wiki page for densoku directed me to a US wiki page about the US Navy Operations Specialist rating

    Brief history

    The rating started from the radarman (RD) rating. When the radarman rating was split up into OS, electronics technician (ET), and electronic warfare technician (EW) ratings, the original RD rating badge continued to be used by the operations specialist. It symbolizes the radar scope (circle portion of symbol) oscilloscope radar (A-scope) used to determine a targets range from the radar antenna (the two spikes in the line drawn across the scope), and the arrow represents the ability to detect the azimuth or direction of the target.
    So ..... your flag is still an association flag, but for radar technicians who graduated the A-Course at the flight school.

    ....... "apparently."

    (*STILL* reserving the right to be wrong .... and fully capitalizing on that right.)

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    Very interesting. Didn't see that one coming...


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    MAP is online now


    Great work Guy!!! Above and beyond.

    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

    My greatest fear is that one day I will die and my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them

    "Don't tell me these are investments if you never intend to sell anything" (Quote: Wife)

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    Very nice flag......... !


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    Just for clarification, 甲飛 kinoehi is a four-syllable compound-word.

    甲 - kinoe [key-no-ay]
    - hi [hee]


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