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Input on late wooden handled NCO type 95, Fake or Authentic

Article about: Hi all, I'm in kind of a bind, I made a purchase on ebay (i know mot the smartest of moves ) for a wooden handled type 95 with a fullered blade. I originally thought these where just another

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    Hi Paul,
    You have no worries with this sword at all.
    It is 100% Japanese Late war NCO issue. The serial number is 'early' meaning that it was issued at the cusp of the transfer from Aluminium handles to Wooden handles, so it is one of the very first Wooden handled patterns issued.
    All unused 'old stock' was utilised and not wasted, especially during wartime, hence the fullered blades were used until they ran out and began using the unfullered blades for continued production.
    As a general rule, all of the Wooden handle Late War Patterns have Unfullered blades as is well documented in reference books. This 1st variant with the steel scabbard should have matching serial numbers on blade and scabbard, and yours certainly does.

    BTW-Dawson's book also mentions that Serial Number 202171 is a side lock Aluminium handled sword.
    This is already in the 202100-215405 range he mentions for the 1st Wood Handled pattern! The sampling he used is small, so not a definitive guide for the number range, but it indicates that both patterns were being produced at the same time for a short period while transitioning to the new model.
    I hope this helps somewhat.

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    I had seen lots of these when I was in china. The "flea Markets" over there are full of them.
    The first Indication they are fake is the blades. I am not a sword man and can spot them right off.
    Just my thoughts ....
    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Paul I am sorry if I was mistaken about this sword.As others have said above it really does look like one of the Chinese ones rather than Japanese.

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    No worries Lew! I appreciate all the input I've received though naturally I do like the authentic posts a bit better lol

    And Ern I didn't notice there was a side latch aluminum in the same # range as the wooden handles. That does put my mind at ease some and i agree that they must have been making different variations at the same time.

    I was also wondering, Does anyone know if there's a book or website that list known serial #'s?
    From what I gather from the Dawson book it starts out 1 to 7000 are the copper handle variation. aluminum handles In between That and the start of the wooden handles at the 200,000 range and there wouldn't be any type 95 with anything to much higher than 300,000 range. But the book only uses a sample of usually no more than 10 swords For each variation. Does anyone know of swords that don't follow this system?

    I also can't get my head around how the different arsenals kept the serial #'s in sequence since they were producing blades at the same time. Can anyone shed some light on this or did they use there own #'s starting from a specific range? Meaning there would be duplicate serial #'s. one from each arsenal.
    I hope all that made sense. :/

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    This sword is 1000% AUTHENTIC.
    I challenge anyone on the forum to prove otherwise!!
    I'd like to know how and in what way does this sword appear to be 'Chinese' ???
    Everyone who has made that allegation has not given any shred of evidence to support it.
    I'm sure when Bob,Stu and some other knowledgeable people see this thred they will agree.

    Visit Ohmura's web page for all WW2 related sword info, it is very good!
    Here is the link to the Type 95 NCO section: Non-commissioned officers Gunto 1935 (Type 95 GuntM)/title>

    AS far as there being duplicate numbered swords, no..... there are none.
    Kokura administered the production of type 95 gunto. It allocated blocks (serial number ranges) to the arsenals under it's control, who outsourced some manufacturing to sub contrators (private companies), final control and inspection happened at the arsenal (with stampings) before distribution amongst the military.
    Fuller and Gregory's book (Japanese Military and Civil Swords and Dirks)had a small list of serial numbers investigated by Donald Barnes from Australia, but no known list exists to my knowledge, unless you make your own.
    Some hard core collectors have their own private lists but are not very eager to disclose them.
    Jim Dawsons book doesn't contain any such list but mentions the different patterns and number ranges found. I believe he expanded on F&G's list, using it as a basis for his own research.

    Just like going back to school, people should read reference books and expand their knowledge before making flippant remarks on something they are not 100% SURE.
    Yes reference books can be expensive, but if you have any intention of buying something, you will save a lot in wasted money, heartache, and disappointment.

    I've adde a picture of this pattern from my collection, Paul, yours is the same model.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Input on late wooden handled NCO type 95, Fake or Authentic  
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    I also know of a fellow collector who has an Aluminium Handled sword with NO Fuller and matching numbered scabbard, it is 100% original and not messed with.
    It goes against the 'General' view that all Aluminium Handled swords have Fullered blades. However most conform to this generalisation.

    Here's a picture of the last 3 variations of the Late War Wooden handle sword with Wooden scabbards issued instead of the metal ones. Only the top Cross Hatched pattern has serial numbers in the 300k range.
    None of this type of scabbard have serial numbers.
    All are Japanese and can be referenced in Dawson's Cyclopedia editon.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Input on late wooden handled NCO type 95, Fake or Authentic  
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    It is my personal opinion that the sword is not a Chinese copy but a genuine WW2 example.


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    Paul, that is very gracious of You.The sword has been given the thumbs up by some one who is an expert in this area.You have received good news and Im happy that I am wrong on this ocasion

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    I'm of the opinion that the depicted sword is period authentic and that the use of a fullered blade is perfectly acceptable. As others have mentioned there were periods of transition from one style to another in which all available parts were utilized.


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