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Japanese Canteen markings

Article about: Howdy! I recently posted a thread about an estate sale that resulted in me owning a pickelhaube, belt and a Japanese canteen; I wanted to

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    Ever saw the movie "None But The Brave" (1964) by Frank Sinatra? Japanese title: 勇者のみ Yūsha Nomi

    There were quite a few scene showing Lt. Kuroki' s IJA officer's cap (his right side, behind the chin-strap button) with his name キロク stitched on. (words were read and written from right to left at that period, nowadays is from left to right so in this case クロキ Kuroki.

    It's a very interesting movie about a transport plane with bunch of U.S. Marines crash-landed on an island occupied with small Japanese forces.....

    None But the Brave - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Japanese Canteen markings


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    I remember seeing that movie when I was a youngster. Other than the bi-lateral cooperation, what I remember most was the Japanese soldier who was washing rice in his helmet in the middle of a stream. I think he was the one who, before being inducted into the IJA, was a Buddhist monk. -- IF I'm not getting memories mixed up.

    Here's a shot of the cap you were talking about -- too bad I cannot find a larger image:


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    I think you are right about the Buddhist monk. Need to watch it again.

    Tried to find a pic of his cap (saw the same photo you posted), but too bad it is n' t on the other side.


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    Taka - san ,

    I , like Guy - san , have seen this film , although a while ago ! I will have to give it another go I like the Havelocks on the caps ......a rarity to find these day's !

    We are the Pilgrims , master, we shall go
    Always a little further : it may be
    Beyond that last blue mountain barred with snow
    Across that angry or that glimmering sea...

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    Cap insignia is pretty interesting, I've never seen photos but heard of and saw drawings of officers putting collar tabs on their caps, and enlisted sewing foliage attachment doo hickeys on caps-- does anybody know more about this?

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    Yes they did this. I'd only trust a named/issued cap in salty shape. Many fake , post war additions can be found on minty/unissued examples.

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