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Japanese flag, fake, original or souvenir???

Article about: Hello my friends! I would like to know your opinion about this japanese flag, hinomaru yosegaki?. I bought this in a well known store of militaria and antiques in USA, where they guarantee t

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    Crazy Bear,

    Please create a new post about your flag so we don't get research & answers mixed up. At first blush yours looks "original" ... but it has Tojo Hideki's signature ... and he wasn't in the habit of signing flags.

    Here's an authentic signature from Tojo:


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    The signature you highlighted reads "Yamamoto Isoroku" ... but that is not his calligraphy style. Although I could not find a "Yamamoto Isoroku" signature (there are plenty in records, I'm sure), I did find some calligraphy he did:

    This is signed by his art name 長陵 "Chō Ryō" [Long Mausoleum / Long Imperial Tomb]. The seals are his name stamp 山本五十六之印 "Yamamoto Isoroku no In" and art stamp 長陵 "Chō Ryō".


    I'm very skeptical about your flag's authenticity. Plus .... the heading 武運長久 Buun Chōkyū is written in the Western manner from right to left; not conclusive in itself .... but...


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    He killed the man, and it gave him nightmares and post war depression. I was told the Tojo and Yamamoto names are on it. I put pictures of the names. Would they have done this? Why would they sign a flag like this? Can anything else be made out?

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    Hi the realm of collecting...proving stories are more difficult..then actually what is seen in front of us. We can only piece together from past examples and study..what would be deemed as authentic. The past history of the person who had this may of well been true....but as a wisp of smoke that is the story from the vet..who may longer be alive to tell. In collecting we all would like to romanticize more truth than whats is partially known. Much of partial history is lost until another time..with a less than
    40 % recovery rate that more info will surface. We also know as time marches on the original vets are just a handful are any chances of a full revival and find out the rest of the real story.

    I stand behind you Crazybear..and I can understand your frustration...but when there is .79 cents on the table..its not enough to make a dollar. We can only hold on to what what we have..which it would be best to have 79 cents..than none at all. The history of the flag is there according to our well researched and seasoned collectors..but they can no more authenticate a story..except only by your grandfather. All of us would love to to have a complete artifact.. namingly the history and trail that it left behind. The majority of these items are History`s Orphans with a partial story or none at all...regardless we adopt them anyway..and try to uphold and protect what they have seen or represented. Thats why we are here..and will do our best to piece together..more so than what you first came in with. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Quote by ghp95134 View Post
    ... I'm very skeptical about your flag's authenticity. Plus .... the heading 武運長久 Buun Chōkyū is written in the Western manner from right to left; not conclusive in itself .... but...

    Hello Crazybear1,

    I agree with Guy and I do not feel this was wartime signed. I believe it to be a well done post war effort.

    Keep in mind too that Yamamoto and Tojo had a long standing and well known dislike for each other. It's hard to believe that the recipient of that flag was sufficiently familiar with either, let alone both, of them to get their signatures on his Hinomaru no Yosegaki.


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