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Japanese Flag with Kanji

Article about: Hi, for some reason the pic came out twice, but hope you like the flag. Dave.

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    Default Japanese Flag with Kanji

    Hi guys

    I've got the opportunity to buy this flag, but I know next to nothing about Japanese militaria so any help is highly appreciated.

    Japanese Flag with Kanji

    Japanese Flag with Kanji

    Size 110 cm x 78cm according to the seller. There should also be written the name of the soldier on it (Hinomaru Yosekagi)

    Also is $100 a fair price?

    Thanks in advance.

    Cheers, Mads

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    Hi, what is the manufacture material?
    A bit less but i wouldnt say 100$ is a bad price.

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    Nuno, fabric is cotton.

    Does it look original? That's my biggest concern

    Cheers, Mads

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    Again, we need a native-speaker's help. I'm certain I'm wrong, and recognize only the first and third kanji. The "cursive" writing has an army Lieutenant General's name that I cannot read.

    Here's what I THINK I see; green = uncertainty/wild-guess:

    陸軍中将 OOOOO
    Rikugun Chūjō [last name, first name]
    Army Lt. Gen.

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    Quote by Shadwellarmy View Post
    Nuno, fabric is cotton.

    Does it look original? That's my biggest concern

    Cheers, Mads
    I dont see anything wrong with the flag itself.
    I consider it a good one.

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    Hi Mads , first things first , it looks awfully clean and is obviously not a battlefield vet ! It has been very well tended ! If you get a chance smell the material , do it , you can smell age !! I like the material and the flags construction along with the leather corner tabs and ties . Also i have seen tabs like yours that have the manufacturers stamp printed on them , all in all from the photos i'm happy that it is a period made item

    PS. If Guy is correct with it being signed by or to a Lt. General it's value would be a bit more than $100 IMO

    We are the Pilgrims , master, we shall go
    Always a little further : it may be
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    Go for it mate.
    Buy the flag.

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    Thanks for the feedback all of you.

    Unfortunately I dont have the chance to touch or smell the the flag as the seller is located in another country.

    Sounds like I need to find a native speaker in order to find out about the Lt. General.

    Another question, werent the Kanji's written by family and friends in order to bring luck to the soldier who owned the flag?

    Cheers, Mads

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    The material of the flag looks period even though the corner is a bit tatty, it must have been locked away for all these years as it is very clean, I also thought the Kanji was written by family and friends but may be wrong. I have a nice Japanese battle flag in my collection but in a very well used condition.

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    Default Japanese Battle flag.

    I thought i would show my flag to you this came from one of the Islands but is very delicate and stained with blood. Im not morbid but this is how it came to me, ibrought it from a vet in the States.
    Dave.Japanese Flag with KanjiJapanese Flag with Kanji

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