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Japanese flag with a lot of Kanji... Is it from an aircraft?

Article about: Hello all, I just had a quick question about this Japanese flag I acquired some time ago. The flag is silk, with the simple red circle. It is in very rough, and fragile state, as it appears

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    One normally should take each quadrant separately with some overlap.

    Even in the bad light condition you have, pictures will always come out crisp and focused if you just use a tripod and timer, not to give the camera vibrations when you release the shutter by hand.
    Focus is a function of exposure time, the more light there is, your picture will be in crisp focus for greater depth, meaning the margin of error is more generous for staying in focus even if you are off in aim.

    If light is weak you have to keep the shutter open longer, but that picks up the slightest shake of your hand, so your camera automatically sets shutter speed not to show your hand jitter, which gives a very shallow range of focus, which is very unforgiving, if you are not spot on with your focus.

    So in bad light, you are forcing the camera to choose between blurring due to hand jitter or blurring due to shallow focus depth. You either have to focus better or be steadier to take crisp photos in bad light. Even your pulse can blur a picture, so buying a cheap tripod is the easiest way out.

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    Hello Nick, thanks for the tips! I do have a good photographer in me somewhere, I think I was just in a hurry. I will wait until I have a decent amount of time to slow down and get some good shots in for posting. I added one of my previous shots, you know to verify that I was just slacking on this post.

    Japanese flag with a lot of Kanji... Is it from an aircraft?

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    Yes, I was hoping that not all your "Best you could do" efforts were so sloppy. Remember that you are the one asking people for a favor. The least you could do is show the courtesy of making it easier for others to help you out.

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    Default Sheesh Guy ..... It's a doggone SURNAME !!!!

    Quote by Nathan362 View Post
    Guy, thanks again for some interesting translation! I guess there is no readable date any where? Are there any specific areas that might be of interest for further close up shots at a later time?
    No, sorry -- no dates or locations that I can see.

    However .... I did see THREE more 和南城 signatures on the right margin just below the large 皇國 kanji moving towards the "CONGRATULATIONS ON ENLISTMENT" statement; beginning with the right-most statement to the left, they look to me like:

    1. 和南城 --- can't read the rest

    2. 和南城城 夏星 [Kasei, Kaho, Natsuse, and Natsuho: "summer star" ... listed as a feminine name]

    3. 和南 明広 [Akihiro -- male name]

    In additional example #3 I can better see the "土" radical, so I'm pretty certain that kanji is , castle. Soooooooooooooooooooooo .... after doing a "Japanese Name Lookup" I discover that Wananjo is a Japanese family name.

    I can hear Nick sniggering at me now .....

    So .... the writer of "Kick America & England's Butt" on the fly portion of the flag is
    和南城 進
    Wananjo Susumu


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