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Japanese Flag Translation

Article about: Hello, I am hoping someone here can assist me in translating a Japanese "Hinomaru Yosegaki" (Good Luck Flag) I have posted a number of pics here:

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    Quote by Tschuman01 View Post
    I believe this gentleman was from Japan and he seemed to feel that all of these should be sent back to Japan. Among many other things, he said I was a horrible person for owning it, that it was bad luck to own it and that bad things would happen to me because I possessed it (angry spirits, etc). The message was much longer and more rambling, but I think you get the gist of it. What was really odd was that after 8 hours he came back, griped some more, gave me a partial translation, and then told me "peace and love".

    I do think it is a noble gesture that some people return these, but I don't think there is a moral obligation to do so. You could say it is "horrible" that I own this, but as a famous general once said, "War is cruelty and you cannot refine it". If a country starts a war and eventually loses, it should accept that there will be some "spolia opima" floating around in a foreign land.

    At this point, itís just an artifact. An extremely fragile artifact from a violent conflict. My father in law has a revolutionary war era hat with a bullet hole in it. We aren't trying to track down the owners of that, and I don't think there is any obligation to do so.
    I've encountered Italian people who have been very uncomfortable with me having Italian pieces of militaria. They feel they rightfully belong IN Italy. They aren't satisfied with me (an Italian-American with strong ties to Italy) being in possession of them.

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    Very interesting flag. I am very interested in how the translator came to the conclusion that it was from a member of the 26th tank regiment. I do see a reference to tanks on the flag, but, at least from an initial glance, I do not see any unit ID that would point to the
    26th. The Japanese were normally forbiddent to put any kind of unit identifier on flags, but I suppose that some did slip through during the war. If it is indeed the case that the flag belonged to a member of the 26th tank reg., it is a flag of extreme historical significance.


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    If they don't like us having their stuff, they should have Won the war....It's kind of how war Works...."To the Winner goes the spoils!"......

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I would like to know the answer to that as well. The original angry translator appeared to be a native of Japan and indicated that his son had helped him translate his analysis into English. He seemed certain about the 26th tank regiment. The rest of the info he gave me appeared to be based on an analysis of signatures and other info on the flag. For example he mentioned that the soldier might be from the Saga prefecture because there is an autograph by a Mr. Ueki from the Saga branch of a company Toto-Denryoku. If this person was in the 26th regiment, that would help confirm the original information that was provided with the flag. That info was that it was taken from a cave on Iwo Jima and had been kept crumbled up in a ball until the owner passed away, the son found it, and decided to sell it along with some other items. When I received it, it was literally crumpled up in a ball and looked like it had been that way for a very long time.

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    Welcome to the Forum. When placing pictures in a thread, please post the pictures using the Forum's system. Redirecting to another site will only eventually have the pictures disappear making this thread useless.


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