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Japanese flag Vet signed!

Article about: Hi All, I just picked up this Japanese flag and I have seen many German Vet signed flags but never a Japanese one so I though it was kind of neat, I need help on the Kanji translation that r

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    This lends some credibility to the widow story then. If a postwar flag had Kanji dedicated to the leader of this unit, and signed by the soldiers in it, that seems to be a scenario that could help validate the claim. It's a very symbolic sounding gesture, and isn't just some random flag signed by veterans. It was done this way with a purpose in mind. If it can be determined these men were all in that unit, and if the gentleman in the Kanji comes up as an officer or leader in that unit, it stands to reason either the story is true, or this guy bought a flag and had everyone sign it.

    In any case, this is the sort of scavenger hunt that makes this hobby fun.

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    Thanks for the extra info and help :-) the size of the flag is 39x30. I am thinking the basis of the story is true, along the way of time it may have been embelished, I love these kind of items because it leaves you with some detective work to do. Finding out unit info should clear it up better I will keep updating when I get a chance to thoroughly go over all the names.

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    Quote by BOB COLEMAN View Post
    Maybe "Mortensen or Mortenson?"

    Those name options would make sense.


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    Quote by tomp View Post
    Those name options would make sense.

    The fatal "R" sound not found in Asian languages. Phonetic translation does not always translate accurately


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    Hi All, A small update here, still trying to find unit information, out of the 34 names I was able to make some progress on 13 of them through the national archives admin, all U.S Army, enlisted in 42,43,45 the only small clue was 2 of them had a branch code for Philipinne scouts? I have army serial numbers on them but still cannot find out any unit information, still digging though! As far as the man the flag was presented too there are to many James Mortenson's to pin down to one man without a middle initial or hometown.

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    Update, I think I found the grave marker for one of the names on my flag, not many W.E Schwarks from New York served in WW2 so I am pretty sure this is the guy, but I need help figuring out what it all means, here is the photo. any chance of figuring out the unit and if they were in the pacific theater of the war.......looks like the first unit is from WW1, I do not know what 4sp service co is, any help is appreciated, thank you!
    Japanese flag Vet signed!

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