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Japanese Flagpole.

Article about: Guys thought you'd like to have a look. Regards, Hal PS; This flagpole is about 6' high.

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    Quote by cdburkhart View Post
    I could be totally out of my league here, but I know in Western militaries the guidon evolved out of the spear, which is why it is important to pay attention to the spade when marching.

    The head of this flag poll is absolutely gorgeous, so I wonder if it is from a garrison standing display or ceremonial flag. Where the cherry blossom is more symbolic, much like the eagle on a American flag.

    Are there three toppers, or just two?

    It is gorgeous.
    Thanks, and appreciate your comment. The top is three sided with a different character on each side. Regards, hal

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    very nice item Hal,
    it amazes me the different things vet's brought home. you just never know what is out there in some ones closet or attic.
    Hal, you do have some nice stuff.

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