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Japanese Helmet

Article about: Jareth, that's what I thought. The bare metal is very dark, I didn't really see any blue paint. Rob.

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    Default Japanese Helmet

    This is my only japanese helmet, it seems to be complete. It has most of its original paint. There are some traces of red paint on the outside of the shell. The pad in the liner is marked with a 15, which I think is for a date of about 1940. There is some kanji on the inside of the rim, no idea what it means. It seems like a good solid helmet. Thanks, Rob.Japanese  HelmetJapanese  HelmetJapanese  HelmetJapanese  HelmetJapanese  HelmetJapanese  HelmetJapanese  Helmet

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    Hi Rob-san,

    The Kanji are the owner' s family name.

    ヨシダ - Yoshida

    Looks like it was once used by the Navy.

    Nice helmet!


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    Thank you, Taka-san! It's nice to know the name that is inside of the helmet. I don't know much about Japanese helmets, but I always thought that it was a Japanese army helmet. What makes you say that it looks to have been used by the navy? I also have a Japanese flag with some writing on it, I'll post it sometime in the future, maybe you can help me with that as well. Thanks again, Rob.

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    The blue color beneath is indicative of navy usage.

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    Interesting helmet.

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    Hi Rob,
    Nice helmet! ...... always thought about getting a Japanese helmet.

    Cheers, Dan
    " Too many Florence Nightingales, not enough Robin Hoods. Too many halos not enough heroes, coming up with the goods "
    The Housemartins, "Flag day"

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    Nice lid!

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    Nice looking helmet Rob I really like the overall look of this example it defiantly has that been there done that look I like so much.
    The only problem I see with it is that it resides in your collection and not mine

    Regards Mark
    Always on the look out for WW II Canadian Helmets and Cam nets to add to my collection.

    Found a Canadian Mk II Medics Helmet and yes I know they are about as rare as hens teeth !!!!!

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    Nice Helmet

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    What looks like blue paint is actually just typical gun blue finish used as rust proofing

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