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Japanese Helmets and Covers

Article about: Catfan, your're right, I've looked at this thread a number of times and sat on the fence. They look too good to be true to me, it all hinges on how much you can find out about the guy that o

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    Default Re: Japanese Helmets and Covers

    Catfan, your're right, I've looked at this thread a number of times and sat on the fence.

    They look too good to be true to me, it all hinges on how much you can find out about the guy that owned them. This is a case where you need to hold and smell them to get a good feeling. That being said, repro Japanese helmets are around, but fake to this level I think is very unusual.

    Things that puzzle me are:
    1. The label on the liner, overboard for a repro, I don't think a fake would need to have it, that would lean to original.
    2. The liners look new, not old and unused, the are no marks where they have been stacked for 60 years.
    3. The strap material looks a bit nylony, it could be the picture, but they don't look right.
    4, The helmet shell shows a few scars, would be original but may have a repro or replacement liner fitted.

    The helmet covers I'm not faniliar with but there are fakes of these around, rust on the inner but no signs of fading is a bit odd to me.

    The jury is still out, which doesn't help you I'm afraid.

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    Default Re: Japanese Helmets and Covers

    Thanks Steve. I have held them and compared them to my original. The owner, all of his other belongings, it all adds up that these are the real deal. It was just an instance where "if its too good to be true it probably is" took hold and more knowledgable opinions were needed. I understand everyones hesitation and due to my own, thats why we are here. I'll wait to see what happens maybe the thread will take off. Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Japanese Helmets and Covers

    Were the covers stored on the helmets or separately?

    If you've held them and compared them with an original, I would lean towards you stricking lucky. I just don't think there is enough money to fake Japanese helmets at this level.

    I wouldn't be over bothered about the different liners, one could be a late war or simply a different manufcaturer, in fact it could add more weight to the belief that they are original.

    I'm a thumbs up

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    Default Re: Japanese Helmets and Covers

    There are 4 covers. They have been on helmets at one time but were stored seperately. The rust marks or ring from the helmet edge and spotting seemed too perfect and not to match the outer condition. I do not know how all of these pieces came together and ended up nailed shut in a foot locker, and no one will. If they all came from the same place why would these helmets not have a somewhat rusty edge?

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    Default Re: Japanese Helmets and Covers

    I have also been going over these posts, and I am certainly not an expert
    on Japanese helmets by any means, but I can't help but think the liner
    drawstring material is made from modern 'paracord', and the darkest
    of the two leather liners looks as if it were cut yesterday.

    Need someone with more experience with these
    to say for sure.........
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    Default Re: Japanese Helmets and Covers

    Sorry for the slow reply ,i`ve had a good think about this and after studying the photos and with what you have told us i believe the helmet shell to be original . The stamp mark you say is there on the inner rim , i.e. the S in a diamond is the mark of the Kobe Seiko Steel Works and i think the shape and details of the helmet are good . The 1st liner shown looks to be of the correct form and materials , and the paper label attached appears to be of the period , this incidentally shows a date of 26th Feb. 1942 , the inner pad liner material also looks good and from what i can see seems to be ink stamped Showa 17 ( 1942 ) . I do not like the chin straps , although the weave looks correct on the 1st shown , the material used and colour do not , the strap on the second helmet is certainly wrong ( could be Thai issue ) . The cover is a hard call also , but again looking at the materials used inner and outer , it looks good as does the star . The ink stamp on the inner is dated Showa 16 , i.e. 1941 , although i hold no particular credence to that , it adds to my general feeling that it`s good and it could be a nice hoard ! The only thing that keeps bugging me is that it looks so new in the photos ! Have you had these in hand , smelt the material or black lighted them ? These things always help in deciding age . This is all just my opinion of course . Are you buying these items ?

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    Default Re: Japanese Helmets and Covers

    Steve and Alan once again thank you for the responses. All items are for sale but due to all the issues stated I had to come here first for some valued opinions. Putting a light to them can be next. I was recently alerted to another near mint helmet listed on ebay that is getting alot of attention. I am aware of prices for complete, helmets in issued condition but none like these and this auction may lend a hand to coming up with an offer. Thanks Again.

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    Default Re: Japanese Helmets and Covers

    The cloth chin strap and liner cord were the only things that bugged me about these helmets but all else looked good. I am examining what is identified as a Thai re-issue helmet now with a Kobe Seiko mark. The chin strap looks exactly like the green one in the photos. The question I have now revolves around the issue of Thailand and when they used type 90 helmets. I have read claims they were used in the WWII period and also post war. Getting a better read on that paper stamp may really help. NH

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